Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roster Moves

Roster moves per BA:

Texas Rangers
Signed: RHP Derek Hankins, LHP Kevin Gunderson, LHP Zach Jackson, SS Omar Quintanilla, OF Erold Andrus, OF Salvador Sanchez
Released: LHP Michael Ballard, C Chris Gradoville

The Rangers signed two players who attended college in Texas in lefty-hitting shortstop/second baseman Omar Quintanilla (Texas) and lefty Zach Jackson (Texas A&M). They also signed Elvis Andrus's older brother Erold, who played in the independent Golden and Atlantic leagues in 2010.

Erold Andrus is COF depth at the AA level. Kevin Gunderson is a small lefty (not his listed 5.10) who once had a big FB, with inconsistent mechanics/command, and who did not play in 2010. Salvador Sanchez is HighA/AA COF depth or they will convert him to the bullpen (6.6/200). Omar Quintanilla is currently on a PEDS suspension (h/t Cole)and won't debut until early May if at all. This points to some continuity pre/post Preller: given the chance to acquire a low character bargain (see Gutierrez, Velazquez, Lueke, Santana) TX will quickly holster the "high character talent acquisition" mantra. UPDATE: Add Ryan Tucker to the list. Tucker has been suspended on multiple occasions during his career and ended the season on the restricted list.

People seemed to love Chris Gradoville's catchability and deft work with young pitchers, so i'm surprised to see him released though he was injured to end the year. Ballard was likely granted his release so that he could sign with another club (maybe overseas).

With Texas on the verge of inking a second lefty from the Jurassic period in Arthur Rhodes (joining Oliver, but let's not forget about their younger Cretaceous-era brother, Tateyama) and also expected to acquire/sign a DH and starting pitcher (or two), we can talk about who gets booted from the (full) 40-man roster to make space. The first two would have to be the underrated loogy Rapada, and the overrated perennial prospect Zach Phillips. Next, you could see Max Ramirez and Guillermo Moscoso shipped off in trades for a player or cash. Wilmer Font will be moved to the 60-day DL at some point but I'm not sure if they can do that now or have to wait.


Texas has just signed Arthur Rhodes (41.4yo to begin the season, supplanting Oliver as the oldest player on the roster) to an embarrassingly large contract, 1yr with a vesting option that takes the deal to 8m total. Let's hope these details are wrong or that the vesting clause is ni'gh impossible to reach. I guess the good news is that Texas might be on the verge of convincing itself to plug Feliz into the rotation. Additionally, it would allow TX to keep Harrison, Kirkman and Scheppers in the AAA rotation for the first 1/2 of the season (and let Feldman get stretched out there as a starter while on the DL). The (very) bad news would be if Rhoads' contact vests for 4.5 million in 2012 when he'll be 42 and likely nothing more than a wildly overpaid loogy. Remember, this is the club that doesn't like to overpay relievers.


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