Thursday, December 30, 2010

Texas kicking Colon's (spare) tires

Here is a summary of his winter work from Decemer 8th:

The Pirates are among the teams scouting Bartolo Colon in the Dominican right now, where he is 40 pounds lighter, throwing 90-93 mph and just dominating opponents in winter ball. He is 37 and probably would cost something in the range of the $1 million base the White Sox paid him to pitch pretty well in 2009.

His final line entering the playoffs: 7gs/1.45/37.1/35/1hr/6bb/28so/1hb
His last listed ht/wt was 5.11/245 so if he lost 40 lbs it's safe to say that he must have ballooned to 300 and is now sitting in a comfortable "Tommy Hunter" range. There should be an uproar if TX signs him. He has pitched 300 innings in the last 5yrs with an FIP of about 5. Any TX youngster can put up an FIP of 5 and all have the talent to do much better. Hopefully, Colon does not end up being next year's Benson or Jennings.


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