Thursday, December 16, 2010

Transactions Redux

Texas signs j2 middle infielder Alberto Triunfel (5.10/160) for 300k. Though Badler's original report on the kid claimed that he would likely move to second base due to a fringy arm and average speed, his quip 5 months later suggest he is known for his "standout athleticism" and smooth actions at short. Who knows. Badler notes that his hit tool is the big question mark so it is likely that he starts out in the DSL for 2011.

Here is Badler's j2 profile from the summer:

Triunfel has been on the radar for several years because his brother is Mariners shortstop Carlos Triunfel, who signed with Seattle in 2006 for $1.3 million. Like his older brother, Alberto Triunfel is also represented by the Scott Boras Corp. and trains in Santo Domingo with Javier Rodriguez. Alberto and Carlos don't have too many similarities on the baseball field. While Carlos was a stocky 16-year-old who stood out for his bat, Alberto is a thin-framed athlete who has a better chance to remain in the middle of the diamond. He moves around well at shortstop, showing good hands and actions with the ability to make the flashy play. Triunfel's arm strength is fringe-average and he's an average runner, so he might move to second base. The biggest concern is how much he will hit as he moves up the ladder, though reports from some scouts are that his hitting has improved as July 2 approached.

To continue with the theme of inconsistent j2 scouting reports, Frankie Piliere wrote this (emphasis mine):
Albert Triunfel, SS: According to sources, Triunfel is the younger brother of Mariners' top flight prospect, Carlos Triunfel so you have to immediately like the bloodlines if that's the case. Scouts like to talk about Triunfel's good feel at the plate.

So to sum up, Triunfel may or may not be athletic, may or not be a shortstop, may or may not run fast, may or may not hit, may or may not have a good feel at the plate, may or may not have tested positive for PEDs, may or may not have a fringy arm, and may or may not have projection. On more solid ground, there is no doubt that he is Carlos Triunfels brother, who, it seems, gets more ink in Albert's own prospect reports than Albert himself.


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