Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Meeting Notes


Mets sign Paulino.
Cubs charging hard after Webb.
Texas refuses to get into a bidding war over Lee and wants to be told what it would take to sign him. Do you think Lee and his agent will provide a counter offer to another team's offer? I'm not sure that is how it works, which might also indicate that Texas really isn't a player at this point.

Lee's agent responds:
"We have no interest in participating in the unconventional negotiating style the club has requested," Braunecker told early Thursday morning. "For the player to submit an offer to the club ... that's not the way the process works."

JD had this to say about the rotation after a quiet Winter Meetings:
"We're looking at it as an alternative," Daniels said. "We've talked about moving Feliz and Ogando and seeing what they can do as starters. At some point, we may commit to it. Is it perfect? No. Are they finished products? No. They're in the development process, but at some point, we may need to see if it's something they can do.

Is that the kinda talk you would expect to hear from the GM on a contending team? NO. At the same time, the rotation might not shake out until 4/1 and by that time I would expect to see both Ogando and Feliz in the pen. Thinking about a Francisco/Lowe closer (only 1/2 of Francisco, as he spends the other half on the DL) and a bullpen full of soft tossers isn't all that encouraging. TRS seems to think that nothing got done but he totally elides the fact that TX got a starting catcher, filling a huge hole in addition to laying the groundwork for filling the DH spot (and assuredly lots of other stuff). (Well, ok, Yorvit signed before the Meetings, but still....)

Richard Durrett has some more comments from JD:

“We’ve talked about the idea of moving Feliz and [Alexi] Ogando and seeing what these guys can do as a starter,” Daniels said. “On one hand, it’s uncomfortable because you’re taking a known commodity out of the bullpen, but on the other hand, you look at the price of starting pitching on the free agent market versus the opportunity to acquire impact relief pitching. What’s the best use of our talent? What’s the best way to allocate our assets? Do I know definitely if Feliz can start and be an impact guy? No. But on some level, even if it’s a little uncomfortable, we owe to ourselves to find out. You can get relief pitching.”

"We’re not there, but at some point we may commit to it," said Daniels about starting Feliz or Ogando. "We may say, ‘Hey, is it perfect? Are they finished products? No.’ But you look around the league and there’s a learning curve and a growth process that starting pitchers go through. If you don’t give them an opportunity to go through it, you don’t have an opportunity to find out. Can Feliz be a No.1 or No. 2 starter? I don’t know. He’s got some attributes that make you think he has that type of potential. We look at it that we want to walk through the process and make sure we know instead of looking up in three or four years and salarys escalated and you never found out."

Lots 'O whining about money here even now that we have some to spend. Could the budget (without the Cliff Lee line item) be a little more restricted than we think?

On an unrelated note, Durrett (and others) seem to think that Greinke and Garza can be mentioned in the same breath. One of those things is not like the other.


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