Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Meetings begin today, Finally!

In other news, per MLBR:

Werth signs a monster contract, which is sure to embolden all slugger types still on the market. Shaun Marcum gets traded for a pretty small package, Brett Lawrie, who may or may not project as a 2b (possibly left field). Marcum touched 200 innings last year. Lee wants 6 years. Greinke seem willing to go anywhere that isn't KC. Justin Upton is not generating sufficient interest to be moved. The Nats are still in on Pavano and Pena, who would like to stay in Tampa. AGon trade confirmed (after falling through) with an extension still in the works despite the lapsed deadline. Oakland is off Beltre after he refuse to respond to their offer, and they also appear likely to lose out on Iwakuma after trading Vin Mazzaro. Konerko still linked with the ChiSox.

Hopefully, Texas plays a smart hand.

The Rule5 draft is this week too. If Chad Tracy was healthy he might've been chosen but other then Renny Osuna (as a fringe util. inf, though unlikely given his poor winter ball stint - and I'm the only one that likes Osuna anyways) there is really no other position player unprotected in the upper minors worth noting. Lefty specialists are the most frequent selections in the process so Ben Snyder, Beau Jones, Kasey Kiker could appeal to someone. Snyder appealed enough to TX last year to give up Edwin Escobar, who is having a stellar winter ball stint at only 19 years old (though mainly in the LG). Bad call there by someone, though I think the kid's ceiling isn't that high, likely a #5 starter which is still not bad. Be interesting to see if his physical projection still seems iffy and if his FB velo has ticked up at all - one might catch him on TV a few times over the next few weeks if he's not running up against inning proscriptions.

Other than the lefties, the other notable "starters" seem too far away to draw any interest in order to be stashed on the 40 for the next 2 years: Pimentel, Boscan (who Fitt said had a #2 ceiling at one time?!), Brigham. Mark Hamburger might be a fringe candidate but Ovipso DLS just a one-pitch pony (who will be 23.4yo 4/1) to this point. So in the end I would say that only a loogie will get snagged, let's say Ben Snyder. I'll pay someone to take a flyer on DGut or MiggieV but neither headcases merit a selection (and MiggieV might not merit a return flight from PR in 2011). As for players TX might select, I don't really care this year as most are unlikely to stick with the club for a year or be worthy of a trade.

In the minor league phase, TX will likely grab an org catcher at the LowA-AA level for depth per usual and might also lose one, maybe Chris Gradoville, if he's healthy, who could start the season as the backup org guy in AA. In addition expect them to take a couple of guys for infield/outfield depth for the AAA club. Nothing to see here, and JD is playing 2 media ends against the middle per usual: "There are some potential high-ceiling players that we are interested in and some we're not interested in..." (TRS)


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