Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Meetings Redux

Per MLBTR (12/8):

Konerko gets 3yr/37.5m from ChiSox -no thanx.
Some deferred money: 12; 12; 13.5 (7m deferred year three)
Twins moving in for the Pavano kill.
Cust close to terms with Seattle.
Ordonez is angling for 2/10m.
Guerrero may be open to a 1yr deal now.

Crawford signs for 7/142 with BoSox
BoSox are rumored to have offered a 7/yr deal for force the NYY to offer a 7th year.
Texas is almost assuredly out on Lee if a 7th year is required.
Milwaukee is mulling a 3yr offer for Pavano. No thanx. Wait that was a rumor from yesterday; now they don't want to go past 2 years. I'd do a 2yr deal.
There is no doubt that Matt Garza flashes TORP talent at times. But should he be considered a top rotation starter in general and over the long term? I say no. His #s suggest that he is a #3 starter whose "talent" is very much intertwined with his erratic makeup as a starter.
Uehara signs with Orioles, 1/3m with a vesting option.
Passed Ball/Wild Pitch allowed machine Miguel Olivo is on the verge of a 2yr deal with Seattle.

Other Notes 12/9

The Kiker as power pitcher meme is still alive after not being true for 2-3 years now. Jonathan Mayo is the latest to redistribute it along the virtual highway.


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