Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Meetings update


Nats might go 7/160 for Lee!!! (In this scenario, Texas would only get the Nats second round pick at best, maybe a third rounder due to the their signing of Werth first - not sure on the rules here)
Wait, now Nats sources deny they are in for 7 years!
Oh rumor mill, you haven't changed a bit.
Wait, now the Nats are not in on Lee at all!
Oh rumor mill, you haven't changed at all.
Texas does appear to be in on Brandon Webb.
Ronny Paulino is close to inking with Mets.
Texas also has interest in Pavano.
Seattle in on Olivo.
Konerko wants 12-15 per? 3 years?
Athletics in on Brandon McCarthy.

Keith Law echoes my thoughts on overvaluing Profar in a trade for Greinke (Durrett has also bought into this media meme, and also thinks that Beltre could be a "superstar"), though I think the verdict is still out on Scheppers - at least for Texas officials it would seem:

KLaw, Does something along the lines of Profar, Scheppers, and Holland/Hunter bring Greinke to Texas? Or would take a 4th along the lines of adding Perez as well?
Tuesday December 7, 2010 10:45 JBell
Not even close. Scheppers is a pure reliever. Profar is exciting but four or five years away. You can't lead a deal with those guys.

Keith Law also apparently has an autonomic meme which spouts the following line whenever Scheppers name comes up: "I don't know anyone who thinks Scheppers is a starter and his shoulder is a ticking time bomb."

Some interesting notes I missed from TR Sullivan:

The Rangers may see if there is any interest in catcher Taylor Teagarden.
Three teams from Japan are inquiring about Dustin Nippert
Rangers interest in Kerry Wood is tempered by concerns about keeping him healthy
The Rangers talked to Carl Pavano's agent briefly but word is that most of their foucs is on Cliff Lee. One prominent agent said "The Yankees have to sign Cliff Lee. They can't let him get away".
The Marlins are looking for a center fielder with speed. That could be Julio Borbon.
The Padres are looking for a first baseman now that they traded Adrian Gonzalez, Chris Davis is a player of interest
Texas isn't pursuing Brandon Webb as much as others. Rangers say odds against starters coming back from significant injury are much greater than a reliever.

As a contending team, would Texas ever consider ponying up to go to spring training with 6 starters? Dodgers just signed Padilla...

Over at BA, they remind us of a couple of players Texas did not draft who just missed their orgs top 10 list, and couple of international free agents they did not sign:

Luke Bailey
Cheslor Cuthbert
Adeiny Hechavarria
Kolbrin Vitek

BA's Jason Gonzalez also has this scathing piece on the Sam Lynn ballpark in Bakersfield. Why did Texas put up with this disgraceful situation for so long? If Hicks had any money for the last 2 years, could he have moved them to another city? Wow, embarrassing!

Finally, Evan Grant has a piece up about the Borbon/Hamilton/Murphy triumvirate; it is almost as good as his pieces on talent evaluation. He also has a highly suspect post with the misleading title, "Did Rangers bid on Japanese pitcher just to keep him away from the Rangers?" Not to be filed in journalism's "best practices" file. I'll spare you the links.


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