Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adrian Beltre actually signs with Texas!

Numerous reports suggest that he is flying into DFW tonight for a physical tomorrow, when the deal will likely be announced. The initial rumor proved to be true, 6/96, with the 6th year a vesting option. His presence will give Texas one of the best defensive infields (and clubs overall) in the majors.

Based on some rough calculations, including guesstimated post-arb salaries*, the payroll will come in around 90.59m. It wouldn't surprise me if they added a mid-roto type arm via trade before opening day in addition to a RH bat of the bench to add to that total, so a 100 million dollar payroll is not out of the question. Their starting payroll for 2012 could easily be 115m, if you figure in the acquisition of a couple of solid starters in the 8-10 million range while figuring in post-arb raises. WOW! Here's hoping that Rhode's salary comes a few games shy of vesting for 4.1m and that there are a few pre-arb bullpen arms that emerge in 2011 to help save some cash.

*my guestimates would be as follows, and not based on any particular logic, other than eybeballing some of the arb results over the last few years (Biz Baseball has them), save doubling Hambone's figure:

Hamilton, 3.25 to 6.5m
Wilson, 3.1 to 4.5m
Cruz, 440k to 3.5m
O'Day, 427k to 1.5m
Francisco, 3.63 to 4.2m
Murphy, 428k to 1.2m (just agreed to 2.4m deal)

I repeat myself over and over again about this, but for a club that says it doesn't want to pay money for bullpen arms, they will have almost 12m tied up in the collection of Fx2, Oliver and Rhodes!


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