Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arb Figures

Per various sources:

Hambone wants 12m; TX offering 8.7m
(I predicted 6.5m, doubling his 3.25m salary, so I'll bump that to 10m)

Francisco wants 4.875m; TX offers 3.5m
(I predicted 4.2m)

O'Day wants 1.4; TX offers 1.05m
( I had 1.5m so I'll predict 1.2m)

DMurph agreed to a 2.4m deal
(I had 1.2m)

No word on figures for Cruz or Wilson, who I had at 3.5m and 4.5m respectively. I am going to stick with Cruz's # at 3.5m but raise Wilson's to 6.2.

With those adjusted arb figures, that bumps my payroll estimate from 90.59 to 95.79. I would say you can bump that up around 800k-1m, penciling in the acquisition of a RH hitter sometime before opening day. So I predict the TX payroll will be about 96.5-97m by opening day. Bump it up a bit more if they acquire a mid-roto arm, say 6-8m, by opening day or during July and that could bump this year's payroll to 100m. I would imagine they might do some cost-cutting (somehow) if they are in that area code by opening day.

Texas has agreed to figures with Wilson and Cruz for 7 and 3.65m. So that bumps my estimated 2011 payroll to 95m, which likely gets bumped to 96 with the addition of a bat.

A link to my payroll worksheet is up in the side bar now.

So in talking over the payroll worksheet with some LSB folks, some prefer to focuse solely on the payroll for the active roster while I included the major league splits for everyone on the 40-man roster. The minor league splits can range from 35-65k, with some six year free agents making over 100k. So my 95m figure is modeled on the Cots worksheet which also budgets all major league contracts.


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  1. Did you hear/read any more about a Miggie injury?