Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So Texas has spent about 1.5 million on 7 j2 signs that are worthy of a press release (any player signing for more than 50k by that measure). Or, about the same amount as a Profar or Sardinas signing bonus. Curse you Tom Hicks. Also, note that there was only one notable signing from Venezuela, which has been the strength of the last 3-4 j2 classes:

Rougned Odor, MIF, 425k, VZ
Alberto Triunfel, MIF, 300k, DR
Fernando Vivilli, C, 300K, (DR?)
Luis Marte, MIF(3b?), 215k, DR
Joe LeClair, RHP, 90K, (DR?)
Nick Urbanus, 2b, est 100k, NL
Nirotoshi, Onaka, CF, est 70k, JP


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