Monday, January 3, 2011

Melvin likes Betancourt

MLBTR linked to a beat writer Q&A in which Melvin states he is puzzled by the Betancourt hate. I like that deal for KC but Milwaukee despoiled a nice acquisition with the inclusion (demand?) of Betancourt - stating that Betancourt was "key" for him is laughable:

...he's puzzled by the level of concern about Betancourt after getting him from Kansas City in the otherwise-popular Zack Greinke trade. "Getting Betancourt back was key," Melvin said the day Greinke checked in at Miller Park. "I know that stat guys hate the guy. I don't know how they can say he's the worst player in baseball."


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  1. Well, what should we expect him to say? Action speak louder than words, we'll see how the team uses him this year. It was telling that they signed Counsell quickly after the trade.