Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Grant Meme?

Evan Grant thinks that Mitch Moreland is the guy who scuttled the Rays deal. Do you think this is based on reliable team sources or just Grant getting all TR Sullivan?
Without mentioning the inclusion of Chris Archer in the deal (or any discussion of the ray's prospects or and definitive statement about what TX did offer), you would think that this is base speculation. Who knows?

Where the Rangers even in serious talks about trading for Garza?

The Rangers were serious about wanting Garza, but without being willing to include Mitch Moreland in the deal, they weren't as serious about actually making the deal. The Rays wanted Moreland. The Rangers value him as their long-term first baseman. They ultimately chose not to deal Moreland, which allowed the Cubs to become much more serious players in the deal.


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  1. I suppose it's possible that Moreland in addition to the other pieces mentioned (Holland, Beltre, etc.) might have put the Rangers package over the top, but I wouldn't have liked the deal in that case. But the Cubs package probably just makes more sense in the long run for Tampa, they don't need Holland right now with Hellickson ready to jump in, so Archer might be a better fit.