Saturday, January 15, 2011


Texas was interested enough in Thome to offer him 4m according to one report but he preferred to return to MN and be close to his family in Chicago.

Came across a nice article over at MiLB about the career of Jayson Werth, with a focus on his minor league days, and political infighting over his ceiling between his coaches and the O's front office.

I have zero interest in Marcus Thames as he has underperformed vs LHP that last 2 years (.800 OPS) and really can't play any position (only 11g 1b last 3 years, shouldn't be in OF). Troy Glaus is done. He had 2 good months and a bag of injured suck the rest of the year. Texas can likely trade for a better RHH role player during ST. As for Manny Ramirez, I'm just not keen on his ego (or contract demands, or PT demands) on this club despite the fact that he might have a fine year as a DH. But a trade for a quality mid-roto arm is really the #1 priority, but then, they know that already.


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