Sunday, January 23, 2011


Nelson Cruz:

On why he isn't playing winter ball this year:

"It wasn't my decision. It was the Rangers' decision. I always like to play and that's what I do. I play baseball. It doesn't seem like a long time for most of my teammates, but for me it's been a long time because I was playing winter ball. It was kind of boring being at home and not doing anything, just practicing and running. I think the rest I am getting is going to pay off in the end. ... But I have one goal. And that's try to be healthy."

On where he learned his batting stance:

"That was in '07 when I got sent down. The hitting coach and the minor league instructor taught me to hit like that. At first it was kind of uncomfortable. They told me to be kind of like Carlos Lee and Derek Lee. They gave me some video tapes and tried to show me a couple of batting stances. And I got it from there."

Chad Tracy:
Chad Tracy received a ST invite. People may have forgotten about him. People may have already discounted him as a viable prospect. Not me. He missed almost half of the season and the AFL/winter ball due to a ribcage/oblique injury. Tracy is a cerebral hitter, constantly tinkering with his swing, often to a fault, in addition to being the streakiest hitter in the system. He has plus power when he makes contact. He is a dead fastball hitter and his ceiling is a platoon bat. Just the kind of bat that TX is looking to add right now (DH, 1B, COF). He is fringe average to below average at either position but won't hurt you that much if he is only playing 60games. He's slow in the outfield and his glove at 1b isnt' all that great (though he needs more experience at both spots). The big question with Tracy is: 1. can he hit ML quality offspeed stuff and 2. can he settle on a more basic approach (and everything that this entails) to keep him out of profound slumps and/or allow him to work out of them more quickly.

Anyways, Tracy is the kind of guy you should root for and I hope he does well in camp, and parlays that into a long career as a powerful platoon bat vs LHP.

Darren O'Day
Settles for a 1.251m salary for 2011. I predicted around 1.2m. He has been about as valuable as a MR can be over the last 2 years (2.2WAR, 1.3/.9) so that amount is well deserved.


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