Monday, January 3, 2011

To all the Young Haters

Per Evan Grant:

# Michael Young: "I want to do what I need to do stay with this team. I'm proud to be part of this team and I want to be here." less than 10 seconds ago via web

# Michael Young: "I'm willing to move to DH" for Adrian Beltre. 1 minute ago via web

Morons. (JD takes TRS to task for his previous report about Young here.)

TRS has the story here. Grant has the story here, though he's still peddling his "super-utility player" meme (as is Durrett). There are not enough at bats for this. This is stupid. And Blanco is a better defender at 3 positions. Young is a FT player at 1b or DH. I think Moreland is the guy in play here not Young, unless you think that Moreland is an elite 1b (he is not) and will put up 2.4-3 WAR next year. He will not.

In unrelated news, Morosi suggests that TX are "no longer players" for Pavano, and that's fine. But you have to think that Texas would be eager to acquire a mid-roto starter before the season starts, especially given the uncertainty about Webb, which they acknowledged in today's presser. However, Daniels claims they are happy with what the have. FO doublespeak you would hope.


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