Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two more j2 signs

Per DPL (h/t JL):

The Texas Rangers have agreed to terms with two more DPL players, RHP Jose Leclair (Toros) for $95,000 and C Fernando Vivili for $300,000. Leclair shows arm strength and no fear on the mound, he's had some control issues at times but there is certainly value for the Rangers to add his projectable body and arm to their system. Vivili is a big boy with bat speed, raw power, arm strength and a feel behind the plate.

Got to love those DPL capsules; it's the written form of Jamie Newberg's prospect dreamscape. Vivili actually signed on December 7th, and is the product of the same academy as Hanser Alberto (LGS). Vivili (already 6.2/200, with plus raw power and a plus arm it seems) apparently impressed Scott Service et al during a tryout displaying some nice power potential. The DPL claims him as one of their own but I couldn't find him on a roster anywhere.

Jose LeClair <12.19.93> was listed on the DPL Toros' roster, but I can't seem to find this year's stats on the site. The first half of the DPL season runs from November thru March (and then March through June) so clubs have been able to take a look at both 2010 and 2011 eligibles for the last 2 months. I link his stats as soon as I come across them.

Vivili played for the Caballeros de Santiago.

Came across a short entry on Hanser Alberto. And this mention of his signing. And this note about him prior to a TV interview chaperoned by his well-known SFM sportswriter dad, Tony Alberto. Separate interviewers both mention him as a very humble soft-spoken kid.

In reading over some spanish-language sources, some of the delay for signing kids out of the DR this year lies squarely in the lap of MLB. The more rigorous drug testing and DOB/identity verification process has not only delayed the process practically (approving contracts - very few by the end of October, at least 13 positive drug tests of the "official 40")but also freighted it with a charged political message ("we control the money", as well as, "we'll have you arrested"). Or as Victor Baez said (currently in jail for forging documents, subsequent to the PED-related suspensions of 4 of his top prospects): "we're in debt."

Here are some 2011 j2 names to keep an eye out for who currently playing in the 2010-2011 DPL season.

The DPL has expanded from 4 teams last year to 6 teams this year.

Some time ago Melissa Segura spoke of a new league opening up in the DR, something along the lines of the DPL, with the exact same calendar year (Nov-June). She hasn't spoke of it since, that I can determine. I did come across this article about it but haven't come across anything else.

More Vivili:
Vivili LGS video(volume alert)
My first thoughts: quick release, can't block balls, thick trunk, first baseman - 2010's Jacobo Beltre?
Training at LGS 5/10 (and his 109yo grandpa!)


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