Monday, January 3, 2011

Webb, Rhodes sign

Press Conference at 2:15. As for the 2 correlative moves necessary to put them on the 40? The prime candidates to be DFA'd: Rapada, and MaxRam. Phillips is another. I still like Moscoso, a lot. So he, Teabag, Strop, Davis and Gentry still offer valuable 2011 depth. The team seems intent on giving Tateyama and Tobin a look, though, Tobin is the least interesting of the two and only likely to remain with the team for 2011 via trade.

MaxRam and Rapada it is.

UPDATE: TRS has some bloggy updates:

Rhodes signs for 3.9 million (that is almost 1 million more than Oliver!) with a 4m 2012 vesting option that locks in at 62 games pitched while ending the season on the active list. The Ranger's talk of not wanting to overpay bullpen arms is just talk, unless they are talking solely about closers. I can only assume that Texas was willing to overpay for him due to the flexibility he offers, allowing Feliz to move to the roto if it goes there.

Since 1997, Rhodes has pitched 62g or more in a single season from 200-2003, and in 2009-2010.

Webb signs for 3m with 5 million in performance incentives, a total of 4m based on innings pitched, and 1million base on days on the active roster.

Also, this note about Webb:

Brandon Webb said he expects to be 100 percent by the beginning of Spring Training and do everything the other pitchers are doing. The Rangers expect him ready by Opening Day but will not push him. They also acknowledge that, after not pitching for two years because of a shoulder injury, it might be that he starts off the season slow and gets stronger as the year goes on.


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