Friday, February 25, 2011

Camp Note(s)

Napoli had this comment about Feliz'e breaking ball in today's intrasquad game, to continue a theme about Feliz's tendency to telegraph his secondary pitches:

Napoli remembers seeing some of Feliz's breaking stuff last year, but added that the pitcher has better arm action now. Napoli said that Feliz doesn't slow his arm up, something he did some in 2010 that would give away that a breaking ball or off-speed pitch was coming.

Grant chimes in with a comment from Kevin Cash:
Added Cash: "Yeah, he looked pretty sloppy, didn't he? You won't see too many breaking balls better than the one he threw [Napoli]. It started out at about his butt cheek and ended up down and away. And it was just effortless."


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