Thursday, February 3, 2011

JD interview

The DMN transcribed an interview that JD did on 1310. Some nice tidbits on Feliz:

The question is whether he can do that in general and whether he can do that now. If he can I think we have to seriously consider adjusting our plans in the bullpen. Whether that means that myself in the front office and our scouts, we need to go find someone else to help solidify the back end, or whether somebody else internally can do it. If he is not ready to do that, maybe he never is, or maybe it’s a couple years down the road.

I'm usually don't put too much stock in Nolan Ryan's player evaluation skills, but he said in an interview with Evan Grant that he really likes Kirkman as a dark horse candidate and is still the only TX official (and the likely source for Grant's Ogando meme) who publicly proclaims Ogando as a legit starter and more advanced than Feliz. Just to clarify: Ogando never started a game in his entire career, until his 3 starts this year to begin the season (not really as a starter per say as he was only getting stretched out). In addition, he never pitched more than 50 innings in his entire career until last year. Does that sound like a starter to you? No.

Also, Ryan's description of Kirkman sounds like he's talking about a reliever, his likely role in 2011 with the club when not in AAA. Kirkman's changeup was below average in 2010, and his fastball command versus RHH was terrible. Unless Texas made some changes with the kid during his time in the bullpen last year, say, altered his grip on his changeup or tweaked his delivery so that his command vs RHH is much improved, he will start 2011 in the AAA rotation. As it stands, I think Dave Bush makes the team as the long reliever and spot starter (or in the rotation if Webb has the same issues thwarting his comeback as he did last year) and Holland is in the rotation. Holland is too talented to leave him out of the rotation, just too talented, even if he has a poor spring.


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