Tuesday, February 8, 2011

International Notes

Dominican Nats. The Post has a feature up on the Nat's Dominican recrudescence with a set of stills as well.

Cuban Ceilings. The Rays released Leslie Anderson today. He raked in AA last year at age 28 but fell off quite a bit once in AAA. The word (when it was postive) last year during his showcases was that his ceiling was that of a 4th OF type. If Texas is lucky, maybe Jose Julio Ruiz (26) turns out to be the better bench bat in the end. Ruiz has a lot to prove in ST however.

I wonder if it is just a coincidence that Texas signed Ruiz the same weekend that Young made his trade request? The in-house candidates (in addition to rotating starters and D-Murph through that spot) to platoon at DH with Napoli (though his splits, year to year, over the last 5 years have been pretty erratic to my surprise) are Chris Davis (25), and Jose Ruiz. Chad Tracy (25.7) would be the only prospect who could compete for a spot as a RH bench bat. Anyways, I like rooting for these kind of guys for reserve roles that might suit them well (though they each have much to prove), but I'd rather have a veteran bat off the bench for a playoff-caliber club.

It seems that Napoli should not play more than 100 games, and should not be overexposed vs RHP, so maybe the ideal for him would be a 60/40 game split (LHP/RHP). However, one has to ask, now that Young appears to be on a rail out of town (and even if he wasn't), will Warsh acknowledge that Napoli is a 100 game bench bat? I say no.


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