Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ST Notes

* Injury updates per TRS:

Hurley has a mild strain of his right hamstring and is being limited to long-toss at the point. Tobin, the Rule 5 Draft pick who had Tommy John elbow reconstruction surgery in 2009, has some general fatigue in his arm unrelated to previous injuries and is being temporarily held back. Fabio Castillo (stress fracture left foot) is throwing on flat ground and Miguel De Los Santos (biceps tendinitis) is beginning a long-toss program.

Rule 5 pick Mason Tobin has little chance to make the team. He is a DL baby, has missed the last 2 years, has accumulated less than 100 innings in 4 years (all in the first 2) and has some character issues, ending the season on the suspended list (his second suspension, both for conflicts with the coaching staff of some sort). If he pitches poorly in camp or hardly pitches, Texas might be able to retain his rights via a trade and designate him as he'll likely clear waivers. Last year, Texas made an ill-advised trade to keep Ben Snyder (nothing but a loogy) that cost them Edwin Escobar, a back roto prospect who pitched in the LVBP last year as a teen. If Tobin pitches well, the Angels just might keep him if they have a 40 spot to offer.

* Jason Churchill is working on the back half of his top 30 list (subscriber) for the Mariners and Blake Beavan checks in at 22 as a back roto arm.


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