Saturday, April 9, 2011

DSL Academy

Evan Grant reports a bit of a shocker. The DSL Academy has closed. After contracting from 2 teams to one last year now it doesn't even has space even after spending a couple of million building the site that they opened in 2006. As for Levine's blurb about the possibility of moving the DSL kids to AZ as a second rookie club, well, that would come as a huge shock to those kids I would imagine, both in cultural terms and skill-level. Now while the contraction of the club increased the talent level in turn, only a few of those kids - like less than 5 - are ever ready to make their rookie debut stateside. I can't imagine that would be a good move and think it unlikely. Anyways, here is Grant's summary:

BALTIMORE - While the Rangers continue to make strides in Latin American scouting, they are currently without a home in the Dominican Republic. The team confirmed that it has ended its association with former major league reliever Solomon Torres, the owner of the property after a five-year run. Milwaukee will move into the facility near San Pedro de Macoris this summer.

Assistant general manager Thad Levine, who is traveling with the Rangers, said the club's immediate goal is to find a spot at which to house it's young Latin American talent for the Dominican Summer League, which begins in June. Levine said it is possible the Rangers could move the DSL team to Arizona this summer and field a second team in the Arizona Rookie League.

The Rangers moved into the then brand-new facility in 2006, putting a significant amount of their own money into the building and into upgrades. It was then considered a state-of-the-art complex, but has aged quickly. The team is "weighing all its options'' for a location in the Dominican, but Levine said the breakup did not blindside the club. It also won't impact the Rangers' Dominican operations, he said.

"There will be no impact at all," said Levine. "We feel like our Latin American and international scouting efforts are one of the strengths of the organization. We have every intention of keeping it as a permanent asset. We'll do everything we can to make sure we don't take a step backwards."


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