Monday, April 4, 2011

Minor Notes

Hickory Roster announced
Hickory has released its roster (h/t Cole).

Most pleasant surprises: David Herrera and T-Mart make the cut while Telis, Castillo and Deglan make up the catching trio (with Castillo being a super utility guy you would think).
Somewhat surprised: Matt Thompson repeats; Tony Doyle demoted; Johnny Gomez!
No-shows: Easy Eddie, Clark Murphy, Brett Nichols, Guillermo Pimentel, Jimmy Reyes, Nick McBride, Franky Mendoza, ODLS. Some of these are injured or rehabbing to be sure, while others are working on something, still others are waiting on something, and the rest are, well, holding their breath.

Newest Texas Trend: short, skinny people. Texas surely has a collection of the shortest and skinniest A-ball position players in the minors. Previous trends: Venezuela, Curveballs, Cutters, Short Lefties, Suspensions, Hitters-turned-pitchers, Bullpen Reaches.

Pelican Briefs

Looking Ahead to 2011
For those that are counting, that is now 2 more articles on the Pelicans before opening day than the Blaze had all last year...

PB Deux
James Smyth continues with his alliterative series the "Pelican Preview", taking a look at the rotation after opening with an interview with skipper Wood. He breaks down the rest of the team thru Friday. So, it looks like he might be the "beat writer" for the team in the same way that Bob Hersom was for OKC. Seems pretty rare, a beat writer for a HighA team, but then we deserved it -right? - after the years-long multi-media black hole that was the Blaze. Anyways, he appears to be culling stuff from BA and draft profiles, etc, so nothing earth-shattering here - no player interviews yet - but it's a good start and did start off the series by interviewing the coach.

That play-by-play guy for Frisco still doesn't call pitches. This will be his second year there so, on the developmental scale, I would have to say that he is not very "toolsy". And I say this most begrudgingly as you know how I hate giving up on those high ceiling types. Anyways, throw us a bone already, just call them this way (or any way): "fastball, breaking ball, change of pace" or even just "fastball, offspeed". You know there is a problem in the booth when people are tuning into the away feed...

Finally, i think that the word "begrudge" looks weird, sounds weird and connotes weirdly.

J2 Note

Back in 2009 Texas signed one j2-eligible LHP for a reported 75k from the Leones de Yucatan, a Mexican minor league club. He was injured in some way by the time the 2010 season started but I've heard nary a word about him in 15 months. I think i might have come across his name on the 2010-11 roster of the Yaquis de Obregon, Luis Daniel de la Torre Carrillo, a LHP listed at 6.1/160. However his date of birth is listed at 12/1/93, which would've have meant that he was inelgible to sign in July 2009 at the age of 15. His last name is also slightly different, Carrillo, rather than Carillo. Anyways, I'm not sure this is the guy or why he is or was there last year but seems like it could be the guy. Maybe his contract was voided?


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