Monday, April 4, 2011

Interview with HighA coach

Alan Blondin at the Sun News has a short but interesting Q&A with the Pelicans first- year coach Jason Wood.

I should add that Brad Holman is the pitching coach there this year after 2 years in Hickory. He is extremely well-respected by the organization and the things he touches tend to turn to gold. Many of the pitchers from HighA were with him in LowA and I would imagine that the added continuity might allow them to make quick strides in their development.

As I noted in the off season, I expect the depth in the upper minors, well, in AA at least, to improve dramatically by mid-season if a lot of the HighA players progress as expected. That added depth is going to come in handy at the trade deadline given that Texas will surely be shopping for a top roto arm for a playoff run, hopeully a guy with at least one more year of control with the likely departure of CJ Wilson in the off season.


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