Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leonys Martin update

As I speculated in a previous post, Martin is indeed set to get a 5yr/15.5m$ deal with a 5m$ signing bonus, and not the 15m "bonus" that TR Sullivan claimed. Jorge Ebro notes that it should be 1-2 weeks for the paper work to be finalized.

By comparison, SS Jose Iglesias received a 4yr/8.25m deal with a 3m$ bonus from Boston. SS Adeiny Hechevarria signed a 4yr/10m deal with a 4m$ bonus from Toronto. LHP SP Noel Arguelles signed a 5yr/7m deal (with 2m in incentives) and a reported 3.4m bonus with KC. SP Yunesky Maya signed a 4yr/6m deal with the Nats. Aroldis Chapman signed a 6yr/30m deal with the Reds (with 10m in bonus money for incentives and arb eligibility) with a 15m bonus paid over 11 years. Rubi Silva (21yo CF) and Yaniel Cabeza (21yo C) both signed with the Cubs in January for bonuses of 1m and 500k respectively (probably not receiving multi-year deals). D. Viciedo signed with the ChiSox in 12/08 for a 4/10m deal and a 4m bonus. Viciedo marks the beginning of the greatest influx of Cuban talent in over a decade at least. According to at least one report there are a couple of other players of note who will be cleared soon so we'll see if TX might be in on them as well.

So outside of the rarefied air of the Chapman deal, Martin will have received the best contract of any of the Cuban defectors beginning with Viciedo's 2008 deal. Now, we won't know a great deal about Martin for a few more months, but, given his superior contract, I hold out hope that people will indeed be as excited watching him play as they have been about most of the others on that list. If not, then Texas paid a whole lot of money for the next Craig Gentry...


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