Friday, April 8, 2011

Leonys Martin

Galloway has an uncharacteristically useful piece up today. In it, Daniels seems to hint that the Martin signing is a done deal and that some staff believe he could contribute this year:

Unrelated to the 6-0 homestand, but in otherwise interesting news, the Rangers will sign a 23-year-old Cuban defector, center fielder Leonys Martin. For one thing, the top Cubans who leave the island are usually high-dollar items. In this case, the estimate is the Rangers will pay in the financial vicinity of $15 million for Martin. Another thing is the Rangers have not been able to afford these kinds of players in the past. Ryan: "Our ownership group is committed. Because of them, this is the best environment for success the Rangers have ever had. As far as the player goes, I haven't seen him, but our reports are outstanding. He could be in the majors this year." Daniels: "The ownership deserves plenty of credit here. Our group made a recommendation and the owners stepped up."

Amother report said that the signing (should they win the bidding) would not be announced until next week. Correction: _Ryan_ said that Martin could see ML action this year and his public comments on players aren't entirely reliable. I hope he's right. If Martin is legit, someone you can see battling Borbon for a CF spot _and_ you can get someone to bite on Beltre and Davis at the trade deadline, that would go a long way toward preserving the depth in the system _and_ also make Borbon a key trade chip in the off-season as Texas tries to upgrade their pitching staff and/or replace CJ. Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself a little. Hopefully, Davis bashes in AAA and a team bites on him (I think he's still a platoon bat and not the next Nellie) and Beltre bashes in AA and a team bites on him (I'm not a believer).


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