Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pitching Charts y Mas

A few stalwarts over at Lone Star Ball normally chart pitches for some of the minor league games so head on over to the "Minor League" thread there to follow your favorite pitching prospects throughout the season. I did this on occasion last season here at M&M (and over at LSB as well) but won't have time to do so until later in the season this year.

LoneStar Dugout's Jason Cole will also chart pitches at games he attends throughout the season at every level. His in depth daily coverage of the Texas minor league system is well worth the outlay. You can subscribe yearly (~80$) or monthly (~$8). Try it out monthly to see how you like it. Don't forget that his draft coverage is terrific, so if you only subscribe for one month, try it out in June. He not only profiles the Rangers' picks but tries to interview all of their top draft picks as well. Don't forget that you can watch every AAA game (home and away, and later archived) on MiLBTV for 30$ a year. The feeds aren't HD and the principle camera angle (or camera work) isn't always great but still...

For more minor league coverage, check out Jason Parks' Texas Farm Review (~20$/yr). He will be scripting detailed profiles for many of the top prospects in the system over the next couple of months. He was able to evaluate many of them during Spring Training over the last 2 years. His 2010 prospect profiles written for Baseball Time in Arlington are a must read and are free (see "Parksie's Top 25" in the sidebar). Keep on eye on BBTIA as well, as they often have a semi-permanent figure writing on the Texas system or occasional entries at the very least, and it is free to boot. The minor league forum over at The Newberg Report is moribund to say the least (except for the inveterate link hunter, mingjungtc), so stick to Lone Star Ball for that. However, if you like to have your minor league box scores summarized for you - I don't - definitely check out The Newberg's site for Scott Lucas' daily summaries, free as well (Cole also does this). Scott will also post a few nice articles at his web site throughout the season that are well worth the read. (RIP, but reborn, kinda) used to have an awesome daily team-specific system summary. The Rangers' website has something like that. First Inning has something. Shroomer's Rangers Farm Probables, back after last year's second-half hiatus, is probably the best resource that collects all of the minor league system links into a user-friendly format. It not only has links to the daily box scores and recaps but also lists the scheduled starters and has links to the team sites and audio feeds. Bookmark it.

So I'm pimping the sites that I like because I'm not going to have much time to cover the system until late May or June (if at all). I'll mostly just be updating the system-wide roster moves each day and posting links related to system-wide news as I find them. I have links in the sidebar to most of the affiliate sites and their local papers, so you can also check those out yourself if you like. I will still be keeping a close eye on the j2 and international FA market though, so that will not change.

If you happen to come across any other media effectively covering any of the affiliates, please leave a note in the comment section so that I can link to it in the sidebar. Si usted es un lector ubicado en América Latina, y usted sabe de cualquier otra fuente que regularmente cubren los Rangers de Texas y/o su sistema de ligas menores o se encuentra con un artículo profundo sobre el tema por favor enviar el enlace en la sección de comentarios. Además, si usted tiene alguna pregunta o comentario, mandamelo.


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