Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Webb's shoulder

Oh, and just to clarify any confusion that might exist about Webb's first appearance in game action in a Texas uniform (including his first appearance _ever_ in front of a gun): Webb "flashed" 84; He likely sat 82, and this after 2 years of rehab and arm-strengthening (his arm strength is not the issue, and hasn't been for almost a year now, despite what some writers might say). I say the chances of Webb making it to the roto this year are slim but at least it seems like he will be pitching on a full season league before the Trading Deadline so that is something, I guess...

The final blessing that we all received from his much belated "first pitch in a real game" (in extended no less) is that we can finally stop hearing all of the BS from beat writers, TX officials and coaches but particularly from Webb himself, about what a decisive turn of event (or setback) was his latest flat-ground throwing cession, each and every week. Thank the frackin' Gods.

According to Jason Grey, who charted Webb's outing yesterday, things are even worse than they appeared at first glance. Webb actually on sat at 80 with his FB!, ranging between 78-81, "flashing" 82 and 84 once. WOW!! That is really terrible after 2 years of rehab work. And that is exactly where he sat during his simulated games and AFL work last August and September as well if not a tick slower. He was also throwing up some truly glacial secondary offerings as well, with a 71mph Change and a Curveball at 65 and 69. I don't know what to say...

the lone positive, well, I guess...although it stunk it sunk.


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