Monday, May 30, 2011

Brandon Webb

Looks like he sat about 82-84 today but didn't command his sinker very well, and it didn't have much sink. He only got 2 swinging strikes that were noted in the PxP, both on CB. He seemed to be able to throw his secondary offerings for strikes at least.

Velo readings
FB: 84, 85, 86
CB: 66
CU: 75
FB: 81, 82
CB: 67, 67, 69
CU: 75
FB: 83
FB: 84


Friday, May 27, 2011

DSL Roster

Just a reminder that I've a projected DSL roster up for the San Pedro Rangers, which includes their 2010 j2-eligible signs.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yu Darvish

Pitch f/x from his latest start per NPBT. While the stadium guns are juiced and the pitch classifications are somewhat unreliable, pretty impressive. Most of his starts are streamed if you care to take a look. Prepare yourself for the slight cultural shock that will be caused by the ridiculous pitch counts.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nick Calathes

Has a team option for next year with a 500k buyout. If the Mavs want him, he will be here next year. If not he will be added to the roster for the 12-13 season. He's added about 10-12 pounds, now at 195, and stands 6.5 in shoes. I think he would be a great combo guard off the bench. Not sure he is athletic enough to start but we'll see. Also, the really structured offense that he has been forced to run, will only make him a better player, as his real strength is the more wide-open US style.

Highlights from the Euro Final Four

Interview before the series.



Mavs win! Mavs win!

Also, I love Darius Morris, a player worth moving up into the draft to get, and a perfect complement to Rody "BoBo" Beaubois, who, as we all know is _not_ a point guard. Don't believe the mocks that have him hanging around the Mav's spot, he's lottery-type talent and even better in a system like this one and paired with the likes of BoBo. If he is around in the late teens the Mavs should do what it takes to get him.

Mavs win...

This is more exciting in more ways than one. Depending on what Junior (Donnie Nelson) does in the off-season, I might stop my "Fire Junior" campaign and finally lift my moratorium on writing about the mavs, who are, actually, my favorite sports team. While Junior's terrible track record with regard to player acquisitions and horrible contracts started to look more postive with the acquisition/signing of Butler, Stevenson, Chandler, Stojak, Brewer, Mahinmi, Haywood, and Marion (with the caveat that the last two signed for embarrassingly large contracts). The problem was, as I've written about before, his track record has been abysmal since Finley's last year with the team.

Anyways, GO MAVS!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BA picks Swihart

BA projects TX to pick (sub) HS C Blake Swihart with the 33rd pick. Here are the 4 picks preceding that spot as well.

33. RANGERS: Texas focused on athletes in 2010 and figures to do so again this year, with more resources now that its ownership situation has settled. Swihart has the athletic ability and bat potential to be an asset even if he can't stay behind the plate.

Projected Pick: Blake Swihart.

32. Matt Purke
31. Kolten Wong
30. Tyler Anderson
29. Robert Stephenson


Minor League Splits

I mentioned this in a post some 4-5 months ago (noting a fanpost over at LSB) but many still haven't seemed to pick up on it: Minor League Splits has been reborn, sort of. The rebirth is in skeleton form, not nearly as revolutionarily useful as the original, but as the only thing out there like it, as with its predecessor (who was sued or threatened with legal action by MLB or MiLB for use of proprietary data, as weird as that seems), it is still the only thing out there, and that makes it simply GREAT.

The reborn, slightly deformed twin can be found here (and linked in the Stats and Stuff section in the sidebar):

ML Splits


Monday, May 2, 2011

Andrew Doyle Suspended

Andrew Doyle was suspended for 50 games for a second drug violation. At least now we know why he was suspended (internally it seems) last year, and why his career has gone in reverse. Doyle had the ceiling of a 3_4 starter so that is too bad. He'll have to figure things out or flame out...

There were a couple of other (internal) suspensions last year if I remember correctly. I wonder if there are a few other kids walking that narrow line. Ocampo was one;
he has released in ST.