Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Mavs win! Mavs win!

Also, I love Darius Morris, a player worth moving up into the draft to get, and a perfect complement to Rody "BoBo" Beaubois, who, as we all know is _not_ a point guard. Don't believe the mocks that have him hanging around the Mav's spot, he's lottery-type talent and even better in a system like this one and paired with the likes of BoBo. If he is around in the late teens the Mavs should do what it takes to get him.

Mavs win...

This is more exciting in more ways than one. Depending on what Junior (Donnie Nelson) does in the off-season, I might stop my "Fire Junior" campaign and finally lift my moratorium on writing about the mavs, who are, actually, my favorite sports team. While Junior's terrible track record with regard to player acquisitions and horrible contracts started to look more postive with the acquisition/signing of Butler, Stevenson, Chandler, Stojak, Brewer, Mahinmi, Haywood, and Marion (with the caveat that the last two signed for embarrassingly large contracts). The problem was, as I've written about before, his track record has been abysmal since Finley's last year with the team.

Anyways, GO MAVS!


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