Monday, June 20, 2011

AZL Roster

Jason Cole has gotten hold of a copy of the roster for the AZL club. I have updated the M&M roster. There are only a few things of note:

1. Justin Jamison is back. The 6ft 8inch super raw HS draftee from 2009, who signed for around 100k was suspended for some reason for the 2010 season. Missing a year of development probably limits his ceiling but he was a longshot anyways.
2. Sardinas and Robinson are on the roster. Not sure if they are really on the roster or are still DL'd. Robinson is way to advanced for the league and I would say the same thing about Sardinas, so we'll see if they play. If they are healthy they won't be there for long.
3. Luis Mendez. Diminutive Dominican SS sign (75k) from 2009 makes his stateside debut.
4. Blackwell, Rijo and Mavare repeat, which is a bit of a surprise. They all did well there last year so I would not expect them to stick around long. Could be the victims of a fecund system, waiting for space to open up on a more advanced club.
5. Kevin Johnson demoted due to his struggles in Hickory.
6. Faulkner, Matthews, Devore still not listed on the roster though all have signed.


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