Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Draft notes

BA has noted the signing bonuses for the following 3 players:

8th round, Kyle Hendricks, 125k
9th round, Rashard Harlin, 100k
10 round, Joe Maloney, 90k

Various sources note that 2nd rounder Will Lamb has signed for slot, 430,200.

14th round HS LHP Andrew Faulkner has signed per TR Sullivan. Given his ceiling, I would bet that he signed for late second to early third round money, let's say 325k.

It will be Santo Perez and not Carlos Melo filling out the Spokane rotation, per the Spokesman. This is actually really good news as it indicates that Texas believes in SP as an SP. In 2008, according to multiples sources, his FB sat in the 88-91 area, touching 92. Jason Cole noted recently that he is now 90-93, bumping 94 and 95 (in spring training I believe). The reports on his secondary stuff in 2008 were not unanimous, but his curveball was his second pitch. So, well see in 5 days or less how the guy looks.


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