Monday, June 6, 2011

Guys that I like at 33 and 37

Bell, HS OF (prob. LF)
Norris, HS LHP (if top roto upside)
Hedges, HS C (if you believe in his hit tool)
Chafin, LHP (if his CU grades out as ave right now)
Story, HS SS
Dickerson, HS 1b
Goodwin CF JC (if you buy his cf instincts, and that he'll hit for ave, and like his power)

Possible wild cards:
Fulmer, HS RHP, possibly close to 2 plus pitches (Projection? Soft?)
Crick, HS RHP, RAW, Big, Arm strength, poss 2 plus pitches later, (proj at 6.3/225?)
Smith, HS OF (possibly arm for RF), smooth bat, might have better than aver power


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