Saturday, June 11, 2011

Robbie Ross

As no one seems to care about Robbie Ross' outing last night, he also had a no-hit bid, taking it through 5.2 innings before some loser got a bunt single off of him. He is also the first Rangers' prospect to take 3 starts into the 8th inning this year, which he has done consecutively, over his last 3 starts, thank you very much. Robbie Ross is a better prospect than Matt Thompson jut in case there was any confusion.

Heard a report from someone over at LSB who was at the game that Erlin was high 80's (scout's guns) much of the game, but did touch the low 90's after the 5th, I heard "90" from the away feed during that time. I'm really interested to see how that FB plays in the upper minors. Does he have the ceiling of a 2_3, a 3, a 3_4, a 4...? Should be an interesting ride.



  1. Ross also had 14 ground ball outs.

  2. Yeah, his SO rate is fine, his GO rate is still fine, and he still breaks bats. It puzzles me that some still view him as a future bullpen guy.

    Texas has some intriguing prospects who are young but advanced that make them hard to figure as they move up through the minors. We really haven't had guys like Erlin or Profar to offer some context to inform our expectations. I mean, Erlin's average fastball could mean he'll be a # 4 while his complete package suggest he could also be a 2_3. Profars tools in the field but especially at the plate are full of "now"s rather than a lot of future "ifs" unlike any other 18yo that TX has had in the system in the last, say, 5yrs, 10 yrs, that he's hard to figure as a 22yo on the verge.

    I thought Moreland was the last guy who I really had no feel for concerning his projection, but for entirely different, opposite, reasons. So far so good with the guy, though his splits are still not great, and they still seem to be protecting him verses lefties...

  3. I should add, they have a different kind of projection for young players, not much in the way of physical projection, as they will always be a smallish, though they will get stronger of course, but it is not a "classic" projection leave scouts apoplectic. Rather, it is really a mental projection, the ability to become better baseball players than anyone else, a better feel for the game, an awareness that making adjustments will be the key to defining their future success.