Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've got projected rosters up for the short season clubs, including likely (and desired) signs. I would expect 4-5 UDFA signs to help stock the AZL rosters as they will be a bit thin, given the lack of Seniors taken in the draft, and given that the other players who are especially intriguing likely won't sign (if at all) until the deadline: Pentecost, Fisher, Costen, Fish. I also have a new summary worksheet up for this year's draft in the "Draft/J2" workbook in the sidebar.

Just a note on the anticipated stateside debuts coming from our DSL pipeline:
Franky Lugo, AZL
Rougned Odor, AZL
Hanser Alberto (likely AZL, possibly Spokane)
Jorge Alfaro, A-
Carlos Oropeza, AZL
Luis Parra, AZL
Abel de los Santos, AZL
David Perez, (possible A-)
Victor Payano (possibly A-)
Santo Angel Perez (possibly A-)

Other US debuts:
Leonys Martin (in progress, AA)
Guy Edmonds, AZL
Nick Urbanus, AZL
Hiro Onaka, A- (and on to A if he rakes)

One Draft Note:

Count 7th round draft pick catcher Max Pentecost as a critical sign for TX, and really, all of their most intriguing, but difficult to sign HS hitters, given the lack of high ceiling position players in Texas' 2011 draft. He's recovering from TJ surgery but was ranked by Keith Law as a possible 2nd round pick before his injury in mid-April (Keith Fagg was at that very game in fact). They should give him 2nd round money if that's what it will take to sign him; the catcher depth in the system is not great, especially given the problems that Deglan and Felx are having hitting so far this year.


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  1. I'm not particularly a Rangers fan (M's fan), but I do live in Spokane. Is it just me, or do the Rangers seem to place a lot of emphasis on their NWL affiliate compared to other teams? It seems like us Spokanites have been treated to a relatively high amount of major-league caliber talent compared to other short-season teams. Martin Perez, Feliz, Profar, Olt, Kinsler, Chris Davis, Diamond & Kiker (both fizzled, but were solid prospects), etc. I realize that part of it is that the Rangers have had a very strong system over the past 8 or so years, but I'm just curious. Great blog.