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2011 j2 Bonuses Updated (2/10/12)

UPDATED 2/10/12

At this point, there are a record 16 deals done or on the table for 7 figures with Robert Osuna also expected to receive a 2M+ deal down the line (and possibly, though less likely, OF Franmil Reyes). In addition, by the time the numbers are all in, there may also be that many in the 500K+ range. We are talking some truly historic outlays here with up to 30 prosects getting 500K+ or more, !Increible! If the class were that good, and I doubt that is is, that would be one thing, but I have to think that some uncertainty about the future j2 market (CPB, caps, slots, draft) may have played a role in the gargantuan (how rarely one gets to use that word) amount of money being thrown around here.

As for Texas, one would have to imagine that they are done signing guys over 500K (at least until November), but it has been a historic haul for Texas as one expected so they might not be done. Don Welke wasn't kidding when he said Texas had targeted 3 of the top j2 names in one of the spring banquets; It looks like they got all three, and currently have issued three of the top 5 highest bonus amounts overall. I'm hoping the fact that Texas wasn't in on any of the top catchers in this market is less an indication of their disinterest than a measure of the likelihood that it signs one or both of the promising HS catchers in their draft haul, Fish and/or Pentecost. Or maybe they were just out of money! Per various sources, the top bonuses this year:

1. Nomar Mazara, TX, COF, DR, 4.95M
2. Ronald Guzman, TX, LF/1B, DR, 3.45M

3. Elier Hernandez, KC, OF, DR, 3.05M
4. Victor Sanchez, SEA, RHP, VZ, 2.5M
5. Adalberto Mondesi, KC, SS, DR, 2M
6. Jose Leal, SEA, OF, VZ, 1.5-1.9M
7. Roberto Osuna, Tor, RHP, 1.5, 9/1
8. Yohander Mendez, TX, LHP, VZ, 1.5M
9. Marck Malave, Cubs, C, VZ, 1.5M
10. Wilmer Becerra, Tor, OF, VZ, 1.3M
11. Dawel Lugo, Tor, SS, DR, 1.3M
12. Enrique Acosta, Cubs, SS, DR, 1.1M
13. Dorssys Paulino, Cleve, SS, DR, 1.1M
14. Jose Ruiz, SD, C, VZ, 1.1-1.2M
15. Harold Ramirez, Pitt, OF, CO, 1.05M
16. Jesus Gonzalez, Tor, OF, VZ, 1-1.3M
17. Raimel Flores, Bos, SS, DR, 900K
18. Jonathan Perez, Reds, RHP, VZ, 825K
19. Manuel Marcos, Bos, OF, DR, 800K
20. Jose Garcia, Mets, C, VZ, ~800k
21. Carloss Tocci, OF, VZ: rumored here, Phil, 759K, 8/24
22. Miguel Andujar, NYY, 3B, DR, 750K
23. Adelin Santa, Det, 3B, DR, 750K
24. Andres Serrano, Cards, RHP, DR, 750K (Oct/Feb-pending)
25. Luis Reynoso, Hous, SS, DR, 700K
26. Pedro Payano, TX, RHP, DR, 650K
27. Franmil Reyes, SD, DR, 700K
28. Miguel Gonzo, MN, RHP, DR, 650K
29. Wander Franco, CO, LHP, VZ, 600K
30. Edgar Pineda, Cleve, LHP, VZ, ~500-700K
31. Dioscar Romero, Bos, RHP, DR, 600K
32. Elvis Escobar, Pir, OF, VZ, 570K
33. Seong Min Kim, Oak, C, KO, 510K

Yairo Munoz, Oak, SS, DR, 280K
Mauricio Silva, MN, RHP, VZ, 370K
Luiz Martinez, ChiSox, RHP, VZ, 250K
Sanber Pimentel, Oak, RF/1B, DR
Jesus Tinoco, Tor, RHP, VZ
Soid Marquez, Cin, RHP, VZ
Eduar Pinto, TX, CF, VZ, ~300
Cris Adames Mejia, TX, SS, DR
Dewin Perez, Stl, LHP, CO, 450k

Frank del Valle, Cubs, LHP, CU, 800k
Yasiel Balaguert (19yo), Cubs, LF, CU, 400K
Carlos Martinez (20yo), Cubs, RHP, CU, 250K
Alex Carreras, (22yo), AZ, LHP, CU, 400k

Other signs:
Soid Marquez, RHP, Reds, VZ (Ciro Barrios), TBA
My notes on the kid who I thought was worth the coin and #38 on Badler's speculative "top bonus" list: 38. Soid Marquez, RHP VZ: late buzz similar profile and frame as Mendez, with the CB being his 2nd pitch, and its a good one; seems too low on Bad's list.

Jesus Tinoco, RHP, Jays, VZ (Ciro Barrios), TBA

Notables still free:
28. Mauricio Silva: late buzz; if his body is good and offers a little more projection, I'd spend their money like that (6.1/190); too low on Bad's list. 28. Mauricio Silva, RHP, VZ: eligible 7/24; +93, good CB, feel for change. Cross your fingers on this guy; ranked too low.
11. Helsin Martinez, RF, DO: Appears to be negotiated with Seattle, a possible 7 cifra deal. Martinez is an intriguing RF but has very bad hitting mechanics to go with plus power and bat speed; seems like boom/bust type. Given that Seattle seems to be on him for more than 1.5m, I don't think hes' in the budget, and Mazarro might (is?) already be that high risk guy.


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