Friday, July 8, 2011

j2 Breather

Venezuelan Rumors:
According to one source, CF Edwuar Pinto signed for ~200k. Fits the profile to a tee for a low 6-figure sign for Texas (at least circa 2008): Now skills, low ceiling. Will debut stateside. According to various (unconfirmed) sources, Texas has been tied to a # of other players (measureables from early spring to early April from gringo sources): RHP Kevin Sosa, 6.0 (86-87, Raw: mechs, control; BA has better spin on him: fixable mechanics, loose quick arm, 85-89, high 3/4, good plane, feel for both secs); C Marck Malave (Cubs, 1.5m); 3B Arturo Michelina (plus arm, Hous, 220k); an unnamed LF from the Blasini academy (not on Badler's top 40 that I can tell).

The Best of the Rest:
Based on Ben Badler's top 40 list (ranked by Bonus):
4. Roberto Osuna, RHP, MX: Toronto has submitted a tentative offer, with more clubs anticipated to bid over the next 2 wks
11. Helsin Martinez, RF, DO: Appears to be negotiated with Seattle, a possible 7 cifra deal.
12. Adalberto Mondesi, SS, DO: eligible 7/27, KC in at a rumored 1.15m (KC, 2M, 7/27)
17. Raimel Flores, SS, DO, DPL (Signed: Bos, 900K)
18. Franmil Reyes, LF, DO: TX rumored to be in on him but not anymore
25. Carlos Tocci, CF, VZ: eligible August, a lot of late buzz on showcase circuit; Sardinas-like build. Philly the FR at 750k
27. Antonio Senzatela, RHP, VZ: +92-93, very BA secs; Rockies FR at 400k; visited Cleveland acad in DO for 1wk in early May (Signed: CO, ~400K)
28. Mauricio Silva, RHP, VZ: eligible 7/24; +93, good CB, feel for change. Cross your fingers on this guy; ranked too low.
30-40: 7 of the last 11 are still unsigned.

When you already have the world, why not ask for more? I want a hard-throwing righty, a shortstop, a catcher, and a third baseman. Really though who are the guys left from Badler's lists and articles that I like:

4.. Roberto Osuna: if the scouts love him so do I; if they don't, its the body stupid
28. Mauricio Silva: late buzz; if his body is good and offers a little more projection, I'd spend their money like that (6.1/190); too low on Bad's list.
38. Soid Marquez, RHP VZ: late buzz similar profile and frame as Mendez, with the CB being his 2nd pitch, and its a good one; seems too low on Bad's list.
17. Raimel Flores, SS, DO, 5.9/155: A slightly bigger Leury Garcia starter kit who might profile as a better hitter and have a ceiling higher than a utility inf (or just a higher ceiling, period, what with LG on his way to his 3rd straight 50 error-paced season). Signs with Boston for 900k!
UR. Gustavo Perinan, IF/LF, CO: Sounds like a Drew Robinson starter kit; have i told you how much i like the D-Rob? If this kid can play 3b, the man-crushing can begin. He also fits the profile of Texas' low 6-figure LA hitters over the last few years (the only ones that they have had success with): good feel for baseball, hitting, defense, fundamentals, low ceiling, high floors - Chirino, Villanueva, Herrera, Alberto, Telis, T-Mart.
UR. Ronniel Demorizzi, SS, DO, Under-Armour kid, good actions, strong arm, good feel for D, SH; bat behind D. Not enough info to speculate about the present/future grade of the bat...

Martinez is an intriguing RF but has very bad hitting mechanics to go with plus power and bat speed; seems like boom/bust type. Given that Seattle seems to be on him for more than 1.5m, I don't think hes' in the budget, and Mazarro might (is?) already be that high risk guy. Reyes is another big kid, big power, bad athlete type, who hits in games better than Martinez, is a LF/1B kinda guy like Guzman, but if he can be had for under 7-figures, you might do it. If you can sign a bat with plus raw power who slips a couple of dollar tiers, sign'em if you can. Mondesi's ceiling just doesn't sound that high, though he's a solid SS prospect, just no stand-out tools, so, just say no at 7 figures and sign a more sexy, raw, toolsy SS for less instead. Tocci is interesting but at 6.2/150 he will hit for BA power, may not gain any weight, and doesn't seem to have great bat speed; he does have plus plus speed however and a nice swing and makes nice contact. He's raw, and very young (some guys turned 16 last October while he won't until August), and might not have a great deal of high level competitive game experience. I'd sign him if the price was right gut the Phil's seem to love him (price war starts at 750k) and we already have about 5 other CF burners who might or might not be good at baseball.

Raw and Toolsy types:
31. Manny Gonzo, RHP DO: big frame, 6.4/205, nice FB, feel for secs, lost helium by deadline but unsure why- maybe he's not projected to add much velo even with frame?
37. Yario Munoz, SS, DO: plus speed, arm, SH, agility, good range; raw on defense and not as good a feel for hitting compared to others on the list; project
39. Jonathan Perez, RHP, VZ: projectable righty, 85-89+90, Raw secs, good feel, smooth mechanics, athletic; seems like a guy you sign if the money makes cent$. (Update: 825K, Reds.)

Erick Hurtado, LHP, DO, 6.4/200, high 80's, IPL, feel for CB, RAW
Carlos Rody, LHP, VZ, 86-89, limited projection, strike thrower, good feel, CU 2nd pitch, CB grade varies from fringy to promising, head jerk, throws across body a bit.
JR. Flores, RHP, VZ, 6.1, lanky, 86-89, good CB, mech. inconsistencies
Mitchell Martez, big 3b from Aruba, project; Uh_Roo_buh. All your 3B projects should be from a three-syllable island.
Jhoan Urena, SH, 3B, 6.1/185, DO: Line Drive swing, good arm, COPABE, tournies
Victory Rey, 6.2/175, 3B, DO: line drive swing, gap power, tournies, hits for average in game action
Catchers: They're all gone. Texas has a VZ catcher pipeline though, so I'm positive they will sign a low 6-figure kid, an Oropeza type.


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