Friday, August 12, 2011

Draft Notes

TNR's Ming has come across an article confirming that HS C Max Pentecost has signed with the team and will be in AZ on Monday, but likely won't get into game action until instructs, as he is still recovering from (non-TJ) elbow surgery. This year's draft haul (and last year's while we're on it) has been disappointing so far, even more so now with Fisher and Woodruff (who BA sources didn't like that much anyways) going to school, so this pick is a key signing. Keith Law suggested he had a 2nd-3rd round projection before his injury plagued senior year - he had a broken knuckle as well as a stress fracture/reaction in his forearm/elbow area, requiring surgery. . Now, keep your fingers crossed for Costen and Fish. Here is a brief BA blurb on him:

Pentecost got plenty of early exposure with his solid athleticism and intriguing bat. An elbow injury in April turned out to require Tommy John surgery, but a similar injury didn't keep fellow Georgia prep catcher Luke Bailey from getting picked two years ago. Pentecost doesn't have Bailey's track record, though. He's committed to Kennesaw State.

And some quotes from the article:
The Bulldoggs' standout catcher, who was drafted in the seventh round of the 2011 MLB Draft by Texas, signed with the Rangers this week after coming to terms with the team over the weekend. He left for Arlington, Texas, on Wednesday to complete a physical. After returning home for the weekend, he'll leave again on Monday for the rookie league in Arizona...

...He struggled with injuries in his senior year, suffering a broken knuckle early in the season and a stress fracture in his right arm late in the year. "The scout that followed Max originally saw him in the summer of his ninth-grade year," Winder-Barrow coach Brian Smith said after the draft. "He has been on Max the whole time. That shows that he really saw a lot in Max." Pentecost had surgery in May on his right arm and won't resume throwing until next week. He spent the summer working in a vineyard in Cleveland.

Pentecost does not sign (possibly renewed health concerns?) nor does anyone else of note. It's official: the Texas draft sucked and was preceded by a another mediocre showing last year in the top 5 rounds. Don't buy the rhetoric that Texas spent all of there 10m$ in draft money on 16yo j2 kids. There is ZERO excuse for failing to elect and sign premium talent in the draft's early rounds. Period. J2 is should be budgeted separately and if it is not, they are fools. Count me woefully unimpressed with the Preller era on the Draft side of things; the 2010 shakeup of the staff and organizational approach seems like a systematic failure - the top rounds- where hitting on top picks does not seem to be much of a priority. the new mantra for the new regime: WWOM (Welke's Whales Over Minnows). But then again, maybe a shakeup was necessary as Texas has had major busts on rounds 2-3 during most of the JD era, but, clearly, this isn't much of an improvement, if not a retrogression.


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