Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Instructs action starts tomorrow and the rosters and schedules (for both the Intro and Advanced leagues) should come out soon.

I am hoping that many of the j2 signs make an appearance and we get some analysis of these kids straight away. The most intriguing questions for me:

1. Is Nomar Mazara a once in a decade prospect? Boom/Bust and incredibly raw or a guy who starts in Spokane in 2012?
2. Is Ronald Guzman as bad an athlete as he appears to be in the 3-4 videos that are out there? Can we already pencil him in as a 1B? Not such a bad thing, if true, though I'd rather have the true COF, but he'll have to bash to earn that 3.5m.
3. What is the story with Yohan Mendez, 85-88 or 88-92 with more in the tank? The next Martin Perez?
4. Someone finally tell us what Pedro Julio Payano throws? Is there some serious heat in those narrow shoulders?

The DPL has moved up the start date for the first half of the their season a full 2 months, from November to September, and got under way 9/7. That puts their season from Sept -June in addition to the Parallel league in July and August, should that arrangement continue next year, for a full calendar year of baseball for that league.

Jason Cole has the instructs roster/schedule up. The top j2 signs are there, all but the mysterious, Pedro Julio Payano, who, it seems, will continue to be an enigma. Also note, as I indicated above, that Ronald Guzman is already being listed as a 1B, so there's that. JC tells me that both he and Jason Parks will be there for part of the the time, so subscribe to one or both of their sites (links in the sidebar) for what will be the first evaluation of some of the DSL/j2 kids with closer examinations of some of the US youngsters. The games don't actually start until the 19th. With some 62 players (!), JC also added this note:

Like the last two years, the Rangers will play a regular instructs and advanced instructs team. Because they have so many players there, they'll also field a younger group that plays local JUCOs and scout teams here and there.


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