Sunday, September 11, 2011

J2 Notes

Just in case you missed it, Texas signed two more j2 kids, both from the DR: RHP Jeily (Gialy) Arias, 6.1/178, 7.20.95 (8/5); SS Crisford Adames, 6.1/160, 1.26.95 (7/12). Arias was listed on Badler's top 40 notable prospects list (by bonus) so he is likely a nice prospect. He is very young, only turning 16 at the end of July, with a nice frame and present velo. His bonus is surely 6 figures but it could range anywhere from from 200-500k, so I'll guess 375k. Here is what Badler (sub.) had to say:

Raul Valera (known has Banana) has two of the top 16-year-old righthanders in the Dominican Republic this year with Miguel Gonzalez and Arias, who also works out at La Academia. While Gonzalez is an advanced strike-thrower, Arias has a bigger frame, more present velocity and projection. Arias is thin, has big hands and a lively fastball that touches 92 mph. His breaking ball and changeup aren't as advanced. He's athletic, but his delivery has some effort to it, so he'll need to iron out his mechanics to help him throw more strikes and remain a starter.

Don't have any info on Adames, but I'm going to say he signed in the 100-150k range. Both kids were signed about 2 weeks after they were eligible so Texas was on them and they are kids one should keep an eye on. Still a number of nice j2 kids out there. Just as an aside, j2 signings, unless they are of the 7 figure variety, are often not official until all of the paperwork is done, so sometimes they come across the transaction feed (if at all) 4-6 weeks later. Last year, Texas signed all of their kids after the playoffs (mid Nov-end Dec) but they didn't appear on the wire until February.

One Cuban of note, 22yo LHP Onelkis Garcia, will likely not be eligible to sign with clubs until the end of the year or early spring, as long as all of his paperwork clears. He was the kid that appeared to be added to the draft pool the week of the draft then removed, and then, no one really knew. Turns out the he was not draft eligible. Here is what Badler had to say:

Lefthander Onelkis Garcia, who turned 22 last month, "doesn't have an official status right now" because MLB is still investigating his case, Ng said. The lefty is a prospect in higher demand than Adonis Garcia, as he has shown a low-90s fastball that hits the mid-90s while flashing an above-average breaking ball, though his control still needs work.

Didn't find much on Adames (Crisford Adames Mejía) save that he played for the Santo Domingo MLB RBI squad last year (age 14-15) that won that tourney in Orlando. He was also in the 13-14yo bracket in 2009. He also is the third player that Texas has signed represented by Ivan Noboa coupled with Payano and Mazara. Noboa, whose seedy rep seems not to have bothered Los Vigilantes, seems to have taken the same tact with Adames (not sure about Payano) that he took with Mazara: take him out of league action (no DPL, IBL) and keep to the workout circuit (unlike Guzman's agent who allowed him to play in the DPL).


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