Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angels Payroll 2016

Pujols, age 36: 25m
Wilson, age 35: 20m
Weaver, age 33.5: 20m

65 million$$ for 3 players. Wow.

Vernon Wells is making 24m from 2012-2014; Santana and Haren make 11m and 13m respectively (both with a club option for 2013); and Tori Hunter is bringing down 18.5m. What a payroll clusterfuck!

So for these 7 players, they are on the hook for 92min 2012! Throw in Bobby Abreu and there you have it, an 8-man roster with a 101 million dollar payroll. Just wow!



  1. But their new tv contract reportedly pays them $150M a year. They're not even blinking at those payroll numbers. They can get up just shy of the luxury tax and not sweat with that new tv deal.

  2. Good point. I hadn't seen any specific #s on their deal. Have you heard what the general # will be for the TX TV deal (a/o 2014 right?)?

    So do you think the LAA's owner is committed to a 150-200m payroll for the next 5 years? And, due to the TV deal, you don't think they'll be hamstrung by that outlay in an of itself, right? I guess the biggest risk with these kinds of contracts is the injury component, and for 30yo+ guys that possibility looms larger every year of a long-term deal. In that respect, I prefer Texas' current skittishness to over long-term deals to older guys.

  3. I'm assuming they got a little signing bonus now that allows them to carry a high payroll with some backloaded contracts until the annual kicks in. And with the money coming off the books next year (possibly as much as $50M if they let all their free agents go) they are in pretty good shape.

    I agree about long term deals to older guys. My fear is that TX will instead spend big money on extensions for Hamilton et al.