Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rule 5

Texas neither took or lost anyone in the ML portion of the Rule 5 today. However they did complete the Teagarden trade (Randy Henry, ptbnl) by selecting 24.8yo SH 2b/SS Greg Miclat (SH) from the Orioles, from a list of rule 5 eligible players, so his selection couldn't come until after the Rule 5 draft. Per TRS, Miclat has beeen added to the Frisco roster but he can be expect to compete for a spot on the AAA club and offer depth as a possible utility infielder during the season in case of injuries (or he could just be depth). Baltimore didn't lose anyone in the ML phase so Miclat was likely their top choice from the list.

In the minor league phase Texas selected three players (ages as of 4/1/12): 23.6yo LHP Fabian Williamson (6.2/175); 22.1yo SH OF Efrain Nunez (6.3/190); 24.5 2b Alex Buchholz (6.0/182). Williamson has been unimpressive during his career, with fringy command, and was demoted from AA back to highA after a particularly brutal 2011. Texas might see him as a loogy based on his work in 2010. Efrain Nunez likely profiles as a salvage project, another OF turned pitcher, as he has never made it out of short season ball during his career with particularly unimpressive #s in 2009 and 2010 though he did have some success in the AAPY league in 2011. Alex Buchholz is likely depth for the HighA or AA squad at 2b.

So Texas goes out with a wimper at this year's Winter Meetings.

Final Note:
I have to say that Texas' reported interest in Garza is puzzling as he was a back end #3 in 08 and 09, was a back end #4 in 2010. His terrific 2011 has to be viewed with some suspicion as it occurred after switching to a new home park in the NL. Maybe Texas scouts believe that Garza finally has harnessed his inconsistent stuff to realize his potential as a top roto arm and that the improvement after the move to the NL was just a coincidence? Taking a quick look at his stats, his GB rate improved dramatically (as well as his HR rate but park factor is relevant here), which is a park-independent stat, so maybe he added a 2S or cutter to his repertoire that accounts for the improvement. Just trying to play devil's advocate here as Texas must view him as a top roto arm going forward for their reported interest to make sense as bringing in another inconsistent #3 doesn't improve the club at all.


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