Saturday, December 29, 2012

Projected 2013 Rosters

I've taken a stab at projecting the system rosters for 2013 (all ages as of 4/1/13).  Take a gander at the position depth in Hickory while simultaneously marveling at the # of relievers posing as starters throughout.   How many future mid-rotation ceilings can you find in there?  Not many - lot's of fringe #5 types, no?  The new market inefficiency marked out by the Texas development staff is clearly the "hard-throwing reliever turned starter" niche (add to that pitchers who've been under the knife: four 2012 draftees).  That formula almost always takes you full circle in a never widening gyre:  reliever-starter-reliever.  Maybe 2013 will be the exception.  As for the hitters, well,  the fight for playing time will be fierce.  Some of the high ceiling kids might be held back in extended due to the lack of space while others might be held back due to developmental hurdles that often crop up on the eve of their first taste of full season ball.  Good luck Jamie Jarmon!  Cheers!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yu 2?

High schooler Shohei Ohtani, perhaps heir apparent to Yu Darvish, hit 160 kmph (100mph) on the gun in a HS game.


Monday, July 2, 2012

j2 Day

And so it begins (per Ben Badler)....

Philadelphia has signed Dominican corner outfielder Jose Pujols for $540,000. Pujols, 16, has tremendous righthanded power and bat speed from his lanky 6-foot-4, 175-pound frame. He trained with Pedro Nivar, who is known as “Nube,” and played in the Dominican Prospect League.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

j2 murmurs

Other than RHP Gabby Vizcaino (DR) and C Melvin Novoa (NI), Ben Badler has Texas linked to C Deivi Grullon (DR). Badler also notes that Texas might have some interest in out of shape Cuban OF Yasiel Puig, who has been out of baseball for a year after being suspended by his team for previous attempts to defect.

Badler adds Dominican SS Wendell Rijo and Panamanian RHP Ariel Jurado to the list. Sleeper of note: Mexican LHP Julio Urias. Bonus amounts for Mexican League players only count 25-33% against the cap as most of the bonus goes to the parent club.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Roster Moves

Loads of roster moves the last couple days. I assume Cone would have been promoted if he hadn't been DL'd with an achilles issue. Chris Grayson has slumped greatly the last 2 months but he may yet get the call if only because he might suck less than everyone else in the Pelicans' lineup. Chad Bell over Barret Loux or Jake Brigham is a little odd though I would expect the latter two to get the call next week after their weekend turns, with Brigham possibly seeing time in the pen. Nick Urbanus was a bit of a surprise but a good one if he is ready for LowA. I would expect the remaining round of promotions to involve the LowA - AA rotations in the next week (or two): Eickhoff/NMart; Hendricks/Henry; Loux/Brigham. Phil Klein, Joe van Meter and Jimmy Reyes are a couple of pen arms likely to get the call as well.

Chad Bell, Guilder Rody, Joe 'Panzón' Ortiz
DL: Greg Miclat

Cody Buckel, Jared Hoying, Richard Bleier, Ross Wolf, Neil Ramirez
DL: TMurph (precautionary?), Castillo (elbow)

Luke Jackson, Hanser Alberto

Nick Urbanus, Alex Selen, Roughned Odor, Dan Lopez
DL: Deglan (wrist), Cone (achilles)

Denny Peralta, Brandon Garcia (UDFA, OF/P/C), Jose Monegro, Pat Cantwell

Jorge de Jesus

Crisford Adames (2011 j2, 200k), Jose Gomez


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MiL Promotion Week

Now that the A-Ball AS games are done with, who will get the call for a promotion this week (or soon enough)? Here's a quick rundown of the likely candidates:

Mike Olt, Jake Brigham (pen), Barret Loux
Jared Hoying, Cody Buckel, Kyle Hendricks, Randy Henry (pen), Joe Van Meter
Jerad Eickhoff, Nick Martinez, Phil Klein, Zach Cone, Hanser Alberto, Chris Grayson

Look for Santo Perez to get bumped from the Hickory rotation in the second half with about 4 other guys vying for available innings in the roto: McBride, Hanna, Faulkner, Lamb.

Any demotions on the horizon? Probably not, but all of the HighA kids should be looking over their shoulder, particularly Jake Skole and Josh Richmond, while Kellin Deglan and Jordan Akins will keep their LowA spots despite their terrible #s.

The AZL starts today and the roster has been updated.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Draft Bonuses

Update: Texas has now signed all of its top 10 picks after inking Pat Cantwell for 50k and is currently ~83k under their bonus allotment. They also have an extra ~328K (so about 411K) to play with if they want to go 5% over their 6.57M total.

#1 Lewis Brinson, 1.625m (Slot)
#1a Joey Gallo, 2.25m (slot, 1.325m)
#1b Collin Wiles, 975K!!! (Slot 954.8K)
#2 Jamie Jarmon, 601.5K (Slot)
#2 Nick Williams, 500K (slot: 515.6k)
#3 Pat Cantwell, 50K (slot: 381.7K)
#4 Alec Asher, 150k (slot: 277.6K)
#5 Preston Beck, 207.9K (Slot)
#6 Bollinger, 50K (slot: 155.9K)
#7 Cam Schiller, 10k (slot: 141.4K)
#8 Cody Kendall, 5K (slot: 132K)
#9 Joe Niggli, 10K (slot: 125k)
#10 Casey Shiver, 15K (slot: 125k)
#11 Eric Brooks, 100K (slot)
#19 James Smith, 135K (slot: 100K)
*source BA

JR Ryan Bores has reportedly agreed as well but I imagine it was for no more than 100K. If they decide to go 5% over their allocated budget, that would give them an extra 329k to play with. So we could still see one more over-slot sign, with the three most likely candidates being Ryan Burr and Jacob Lemoine. If footballers Winston and Smith sign, you'd expect it to be for no more than 100K so they wouldn't count against the cap.


Carlos Garay

Here is a blurb about DSL (VZ ) catcher Carlos Garay, signed out of the Carlos Guillen Academy in Maracay in April. Texas was on him during early Spring showcases in Venezuela and then again during the Guillen academy showcase in Surprise during Spring Training:

Maracay.- (Rafael Cadenas). Fue visto por la organización de los Rangers de Texas desde que fue presentado por la Academia Carlos Guillén, posteriormente el novel receptor Carlos Garay fue llevado a la tierra del tio Sam para ser evaluado por los ejecutivos de los vigilantes en Arizona y luego de meses de preparacion, llegaron a un acuerdo con el careta criollo para estampar su firma e iniciar su etapa como pelotero profesional.

El nativo de Maracay, cuenta con 16 años y entre sus atributos ha demostrado buen contacto, velocidad para lanzar a las bases y excelentes reflejos. “Es un momento importante para mí, estoy agradecido con el Sr. Clemente Álvarez, siempre ha estado pendiente de nosotros para que seamos mejores en todos los aspectos del juego. Ahora inicio otra etapa en mi vida y se que no será nada facil, pero como mi familia sabe, voy a dar lo mejor de mí para llegar a las mayores”, dijo emocionado Garay, quien estuvo acompañado de su familia.

Clemente Álvarez, director de la Academia manifestó. “Estamos contento porque se ha cumplido otra etapa, es nuestro objetivo, prepararlo para que logre su firma, gracias a Dios, lo consiguió y ahora depende de su trabajo en las menores para llegar lejos”.

En relación sobre las posibilidad de firmar con un equipo en la pelota venezolana, comentó que hay varios equipos interesados, pero que va a evaluar la situación con su familia, por lo pronto senalo que se reportará a la Academia de Texas.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Janluis Castro

Here is a PG blurb on 16th rd 2B Janluis Castro (PR). Listed as 2b, he also has played catcher:

Janluis Castro is a 2012 MIF/C with a 5-9 150 lb. frame from Trujillo Alto, PR who attends Colegio Hector Urdaneta HS. Slender young build, room to get stronger. Versatile defensive player, can play either C or 2B at next level. Compact, quick actions at 2B, works through the ball well, good feet and balance, gets rid of the ball quick, good charging. Quick footwork and release behind the plate, compact actions, accurate throws, will have to add strength/weight to catch full-time. Switch-hitter, has skills/bat speed both sides, quick hands, simple short swing mechanics, line drive swing plane, flashes some power from the left side. Plays above his raw tools in all areas. Good student, signed with Alabama State.

Frankie Thon said the kid can really hit with excellent mechanics and the club thinks of him as a super utility player, a 2b who can play some SS, 3B, OF, and catch a little bit.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sam Stafford, 13th rd

13th round pick Sam Stafford was a 2nd rd pick of the NYY last year but had any contract nixed due to concerns about his shoulder. In the end, surgery ended his 2012 season, and Jason Cole confirms that he will sign with Texas and finish his rehab with the team. Possible steal if his shoulder injury isn't of the Eric Hurely variety (labrum and cuff). Here is BA's 2011 profile of the kid:

Lefthander Sam Stafford hasn't been able to nail down a spot in Texas' weekend rotation, though not because he lacks stuff. The 6-foot-4, 190-pounder hit 96 mph while winning pitcher-of-the-year honors in the California Collegiate League last summer, but he has to dial his fastball down to 90-91 mph to try to find the strike zone. He has good shape to his curveball and doesn't always locate that pitch where he wants, either. Stafford can be unhittable at times. If he can't improve his command he'll be ticketed for the bullpen as a pro.

Surgery for a small tear (labrum?) on 2/20/12; 5-7 months of rehab - possible instructs ETA? Fagg noted that the club expects a "full recovery" (as much as that is possible I guess).

In an interview with Jason Cole, Stafford notes that his labrum surgery with the Rangers' team doctor included a second procedure for TOS. He confirms that he will start his throwing program in August.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DSL Rosters

Jason Cole has the DSL roster updated. The M&M roster has been updated accordingly. The San Pedro Rangers' season starts on June 2.

Esdras Abreu and Chris Obispo released. Abreu was the most notable position player signed by the Preller crew until the Profar/Sardinas/Alfaro haul and he proved a bust from day 1. Teams backed off of him with whispers that his bat speed was questionable but Texas signed him anyways for 550K.

Pedro Tirado, Jose Gomez, and Aneudy Feliz officially promoted to the AZL. Feliz's promotion is surely related to Neftali's Arizona rehab stint (whenever that begins) as he isn't much of a prospect. 2011 j2 signs Chris Adames, Nelson Henriquez, and Anderson Pichardo not yet on the roster.

Per Ben Badler, Texas has been linked to the following 2012 j2 kids: RHP Gabby Vizcaino (DR), C Melvin Novoa (NI). Don't be surprised if SS Amed Rosario (DR) is on their radar as well. He was Mazara's teammate while they were in the La Javilla youth league.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Jairo Beras

Badler has his latest musings on the Beras situation. He still seems to be talking out of his ass by spinning the whole affair as nothing more than crass "misrepresentation", what with a team/agent trying to game the system by sneaking a guy in under the wire. In reality, Bradler has nothing new to report except a few more level-headed quotes that would have better served his previous reports on the matter. Misrepresentation could in fact be the most critical issue here, one that ultimately undergirds any ruling. However, Badler has given us no smoking gun here over the last 2 months to be sure so we don't know any more than we did when the news first leaked out. See you in Arizona kid!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Minor Notes

Jairo Beras investigation completed, decision could be imminent per Jesse Sanchez. Sanchez seems to have some of his facts wrong (via twitter: "...Prospects must register with MLB to be eligible to sign. Beras situation unique. He agreed w/TEX before initiative in action..." - when the "initiative" (registration?) was in effect since last year so who knows what he means here. A generous reader might infer "registration does not equal verification.") so I'll link a couple of Badler pieces summing up the situation:


Miggie de los Santos injured yet again as is Ryan Rodebaugh with Chad Bell getting the bump to AA. I thought Bell would begin the year in the AA roto given his nice HighA #s last year. Well, he's there now (hopefully in the roto).


BA: Minor League Run Environments

Matt Eddy had this piece up last Fall characterizing the offensive production of each full season league.
What is the league breakdown for Texas affiliates? The runs per 9 innings break down like this:

Arizona, 5.9
PCL, 5.68
(CAL, 5.66)
Texas, 5.0
SAL, 4.87
Northwest, 4.84
Carolina, 4.35


MLB j2 Preview

MLB's Jesse Sanchez has the first substantial j2 preview today.  The non-Dominican contingent is light, so you'll have to wait for Badler's list in a couple of months for a broader grouping:

Top 20 List


Monday, April 16, 2012

Hersin Martinez signs with Seattle

Per DPL, Hersin Martinez signs with Seattle for 1.1m. Badler's #11 ranked j2 bonus baby (by projected bonus), Seattle was rumored to have signed him last July for a 7-figure deal. Here is what I wrote about that rumored deal last July:

Helsin Martinez, RF, DO: Appears to be negotiating with Seattle, a possible 7 cifra deal. Martinez is an intriguing RF but has very bad hitting mechanics to go with plus power and bat speed; seems like boom/bust type. Given that Seattle seems to be on him for more than 1.5m, I don't think hes' in the budget, and Mazarro might already be that high risk guy for Texas.


Friday, April 13, 2012


Slight RHP Cody Buckel had a nice season in 2010 but not nice enough to dissuade many that he would most likely be some kind of #4.  He seemed small in stature with fringy velo, though first year velo is often depressed due to the vastly increased physical demands of any pitcher's first professional year.  This year we're getting a glimpse of the Buckel who Texas scouts likely viewed as a decent bet to become a mid-roto type of arm.  His velo is better in the second half of his starts, he's stronger, and his secondary pitches have improved.  Here is Buckle after his most recent start (6/2/0/9):

"I was just using good pitch sequences, seeing the reaction time of the hitter, seeing what they're doing in the box," said Buckel. "It was just one of those nights where I was throwing all my pitches for strikes. The changeup was huge. I had the cutter going, the slider going and a curveball going all on top of good fastball command." The 6-foot-1 right-hander credited his workouts with Bauer for his improved ability to throw harder this season later into games."We just worked on my arm strength, mechanical stuff, getting more athletic movements in my motion," he said. "My velocity has spiked up from last year and my arm doesn't feel fatigued around the sixth inning. I'm still up at 92, not dropping down to 89."

Neil Ramirez is on a pitch count to begin the year, presumably to baby his shoulder, which cut short his 2011 AFL stint, and which was also likely the reason he was not stretched out to begin the year, coupled with some mechanical issues that he appeared to be dealing with during his mediocre camp.  His first 2 outings:  66 pitches; 77 pitches.  It likely increases to 85 and 95 during his next 2 starts before his restrictions are loosed.  His velo is still down - as it was during the spring - compared to where he sat during the first half of 2011.  I'm still think there is a better than average likelihood that NeRa ends up in the bullpen due to his durability issues:  he was very inefficient in 2011 and was more than likely to exit in the 4th last year  with 100 pitches than make it into the 6th.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Starting staff of 10

The Hickory Crawdads rotation has 11 pitchers with starting experience.  In their first 4 games, they have paired one starter and one long reliever in an attempt to get everyone innings:

TBD: Lamb/Faulkner

The three relievers proper are Greg Williams, Phil Klein, and Jose Mavare, but even Mavare has some starting experience on his resume.  Despite the depth, only three of those guys have high ceilings - Jackson, Payano, Eickhoff -  while the rest are back roto or bullpen arms over the long term.  Eickhoff is a bit of a wild card while some like Lamb but the likelihood that he emerges as a mid roto starter seems as slim for him as it was for Tim Murphy or Evan Reed.

Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 Minor League Rosters Released


Round Rock Express
Sort of: Eppley's spot might be in jeopardy as Texas needs to open up a spot on the 40 to make room for Robbie Ross and one position player might start out on the DL or be released.

Frisco Roughriders

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Hickory Crawdads

The M&M 2012 System rosters have been updated including projections for the short season clubs.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kevin Sosa

Ben Badler's piece on AL West 2011 j2 spending confirms that VZ RHP Kevin Sosa has inked with the Rangers and that DR SS Crisford Adames recieved a nice bonus at 200k. The j2 worksheet has been updated to account for most of Texas' 2011 j2 spending.

As I noted in my 2011 j2 coverage, Sosa was tied to Texas. He is a smallish righty (~6.0) who was described in some message boards by those who saw him at VZ showcases as raw with inconsistent command/mechanics at 86-87 and by BA with better regard as having "fixable" mechanics with a loose quick arm, high 3/4, good plane, 85-89, and a feel for both secs. I have speculated that his bonus is in the 100-200k range.

I don't believe he is in ST so he is raw enough that he will spend 2012 with the DSL squad.

Also check out Badler's piece on Mazara and the continued skepticism of rival international scouts/officials who think his payday was crazy, asserting that any assumptions about his hit tool were extremely speculative based on Mazara's limited game action. To date, his hit tool seems pretty unrefined with fundamental mechanical issues that must be addressed but I'm willing to withhold judgement until he finishes up his 2012 AZL stint (and thru instructs too). Also see my report on the signing, which echoes many of Badler's key points. Daly comes out looking like a bit of a naif in Badler's article but I suspect (hope) that hese quotes reflect Badler's own tendentiousness.

For my money, I'd rather have Sanchez and Hernandez for that money. Both are much better bets and would have only run you 5.6m. Sanchez is touching mid-90's this spring and Hernandez has elite tools beside his elite power projection, in addition to postion flexibility. But, hey, I don't have 5 million so there's that.

Other M&M 2011 j2 posts:
July 1
July 8
July 14
Sept. 11


Friday, March 23, 2012

International Notes

Ben Badler notes that MLB is starting its own league in the Dominican for unsigned prospects. It will compete with the other 3 main leagues plus smaller leagues throughout the island. It might gain some traction by virtue of the MLB imprimatur alone or maybe by allowing unsigned prospects to play from other Latin American countries as well. Jesse Sanchez has further comments from MLB officials (and, indeed, confirms that non-Dominicans will be able to participate).

Rafael DePaula's 4 year visa odyssey is over: He finally gets his visa.

Why Texas didn't make a run at Carlos Martinez (aka Carlos Matias) remains a mystery.

Jeff Wilson has a nice piece on the Jairo Beras situation. He converses with Beras' dad about the issues surrounding his kid's age. The fact that he resides in Richardson means that he was readily accessible to Ranger's officials. If he would have still been in Nicarauga or some other Central American country, speaking with him might have been much more problematic. The more we learn about the situation the more it becomes clear that Texas did its due diligence and seems to have effectively made the case that Beras is indeed 17.

The only issue in the matter that MLB has to adjudicate is when the agent came to that conclusion. If it came before the early February Dominican showcase, then MLB could argue that all teams did not have an equal opportunity to sign him based on the revised information. If the realization came after the showcase then Texas is on much more solid ground. In the end, MLB owns all the cards in the matter. Given the evidence, it seems that misrepresentation of the kids age isn't a critical issue. At best MLB could approve the deal. At worst, one would hope that MLB won't suspend the kid, allowing him instead to sign on July 2nd like all the other eligibles, albeit at a much reduced bonus amount.

I bet Evan Grant wish he had thought of the piece, or any other notable theme, Colby Lewis' degenerative hip for example...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(VZ) j2 News?

The Venezuelan government has implemented regulation that might effect this year's VZ j2 class depending how it is applied (h/t Melissa Segura):

A regulation published last month requires sports teams to give the government details of their contracts with staff and corporate sponsors...The sports law requires government approval of any contract with athletes aged between 16 and 18. America’s Major League Baseball (MLB) clubs routinely sign Venezuelan prospects at 16. Miguel Bermúdez, the director of the National Sports Institute, says the government merely wants to ensure the contracts provide for schooling (which only one of the 30 MLB teams requires) and compensation in case of injury (which none offers). That is reasonable enough. But if the law chokes off the flow of Venezuelans to MLB, the biggest stage for the country’s national game, in the eyes of fans that might undermine the sporting gains under Mr Chávez.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapman, Beras, DPL Elites

Couple of articles, one on Aroldis Champman and the other, PG's game notes on the DPL travel squad in Florida (now in Arizona, scheduled to play in Surprise on Sunday) complete with Beras scuttlebutt (h/t E2D).

Also came across a nice feature on Joe Wieland.

Ming came across an ESPN Deportes update on the Beras signing:

El jueves terminamos de someter a la oficina de Grandes Ligas todos los documentos que avalan la edad e identidad de Beras, incluyendo una prueba de ADN con su padre biológico", dijo Angel Santana, uno de los agentes del jugador.

UPDATE (3/19):
Scott Lucas has some of his very nice annual ST pics up over at his site. Direct link is here.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Kyle Hendricks

Here's a brief interview with 2012 sleeper Kyle Hendricks (ht Spokane). Dartmouth undergrads really take their sequence editing seriously.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Evan Grant Watch

Evan Grant is good at his job.

Going into the Spring, he's continued with his quixotic quest to assert that Neftali Feliz is not good enough to start. Last year, his mission was to claim that Ogando and Kirkman were the frontrunners for the 5th roto spot. Feliz wasn't good enough because he was a one pitch pitcher. As a 2 pitch pitcher with zero MiL starts, Ogando was said to be a better bet, as was Kirkman, whose walk rate vs RHH was about 8 per 9.

This year, after Feliz's first BP session, Grant tweets that he looked bad. A few hours later, after the other beat writers posted positive pieces about the session, including positive spin by players and coaches, Grant retracts his tweet, saying, he looked good.

Evan Grant. Man on the job.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reason #1 to ignore Keith Law

Leonys Martin:

"I don't know if he was tired or what when he got to Triple-A," Round Rock manager Bobby Jones said. "He just started out struggling with the bat, slapping and punching at the ball. But when I saw him in Arlington in September, I couldn't believe what I saw. I watched him in batting practice and he was pulling the ball, putting the ball in the seats. He had a spring in his legs again.

"He was so-so in Round Rock, but I saw him in Arlington and said, 'This kid can play.' I'm anxious to see him in Spring Training, when he is fresh and ready to go."

And not the top reason to ignore him, just one of them.


Leury Garcia Watch, 2012

I'm going to do a 'Leury Garcia Watch' this year. This is for The Newberg, Don Welke, and BA.


Why would one consider a guy with a utility ceiling a prospect? You shouldn't. He's fungible if he makes it at all. Prospects are future starters or half time players. Define your terms first so there is no confusion. At best you have a 25th man on the AAA express who might play in 30games a year, every other year.

Greg Miclat, Kyle Hudson, Craig Gentry, Leury Garcia, Andres Blanco - there are always those 4A, 6-fyr FA, (unprotected) rule 5, out of option guys sniffing for work every spring training. 25th men don't matter much as "prospects" as you can always find those guys on the fringes for cheap. They're not even the low leverage bullpen arms of any lineup and don't have much real or imagined value as a result especially for upper division teams. They're floaters (I'm watching The Wire...).

Garcia can't hit and his glove is inconsistent for a utility guy. The 'he needs to slow the game down' and 'most of his errors are because he's so good' memes are nonsense (now) . I'ma say AA numbers of: .599 OPS, 15bb, 120so, 45 errors, 100games. NAP, AMiRITe?

For those with a longer memory, this bit will be similar to the NAP (Not A Prospect) bit (series of one) that I trotted out in The Newberg's honor couple years a go, that is to say, a one off. Though I could bring out my 'Prospecting' bit again (in honor of The Newberg, Hindman) to pop the helium balloons for some overhyped prospects (see Kiker, Thompson, Main, Grullon, Blackwell, Gomez, Whittleman, Abreu, Tullis, Murphy).


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ming over at Newberg came across a nice article on Deglan's off-season. Deglan will be spending some time in the DR before ST starts. 2012 sleeper Drew Robinson will also be there. I'll see if Jason Cole knows which US players will be down there.

UPDATE: It doesn't seem that many US kids are heading to the DR for pre-ST work, probably only a handful, and it is likely optional.

***I think Jake Skole was there as well.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Camp

Evan Grant notes that Texas is bringing back the winter pitcher's camp, featuring advanced minor leaguers as well as Feliz and Ogando. The list of minor leaguers:

RHP Jake Brigham, LHP Miguel De Los Santos, RHP Wilmer Font, RHP Justin Grimm, RHP Mark Hamburger, LHP Michael Kirkman, RHP Roman Mendez, RHP Justin Miller, LHP Martin Perez, RHP Neil Ramirez, LHP Robbie Ross, RHP Tanner Scheppers, RHP Matt West.