Monday, February 27, 2012

Evan Grant Watch

Evan Grant is good at his job.

Going into the Spring, he's continued with his quixotic quest to assert that Neftali Feliz is not good enough to start. Last year, his mission was to claim that Ogando and Kirkman were the frontrunners for the 5th roto spot. Feliz wasn't good enough because he was a one pitch pitcher. As a 2 pitch pitcher with zero MiL starts, Ogando was said to be a better bet, as was Kirkman, whose walk rate vs RHH was about 8 per 9.

This year, after Feliz's first BP session, Grant tweets that he looked bad. A few hours later, after the other beat writers posted positive pieces about the session, including positive spin by players and coaches, Grant retracts his tweet, saying, he looked good.

Evan Grant. Man on the job.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reason #1 to ignore Keith Law

Leonys Martin:

"I don't know if he was tired or what when he got to Triple-A," Round Rock manager Bobby Jones said. "He just started out struggling with the bat, slapping and punching at the ball. But when I saw him in Arlington in September, I couldn't believe what I saw. I watched him in batting practice and he was pulling the ball, putting the ball in the seats. He had a spring in his legs again.

"He was so-so in Round Rock, but I saw him in Arlington and said, 'This kid can play.' I'm anxious to see him in Spring Training, when he is fresh and ready to go."

And not the top reason to ignore him, just one of them.


Leury Garcia Watch, 2012

I'm going to do a 'Leury Garcia Watch' this year. This is for The Newberg, Don Welke, and BA.


Why would one consider a guy with a utility ceiling a prospect? You shouldn't. He's fungible if he makes it at all. Prospects are future starters or half time players. Define your terms first so there is no confusion. At best you have a 25th man on the AAA express who might play in 30games a year, every other year.

Greg Miclat, Kyle Hudson, Craig Gentry, Leury Garcia, Andres Blanco - there are always those 4A, 6-fyr FA, (unprotected) rule 5, out of option guys sniffing for work every spring training. 25th men don't matter much as "prospects" as you can always find those guys on the fringes for cheap. They're not even the low leverage bullpen arms of any lineup and don't have much real or imagined value as a result especially for upper division teams. They're floaters (I'm watching The Wire...).

Garcia can't hit and his glove is inconsistent for a utility guy. The 'he needs to slow the game down' and 'most of his errors are because he's so good' memes are nonsense (now) . I'ma say AA numbers of: .599 OPS, 15bb, 120so, 45 errors, 100games. NAP, AMiRITe?

For those with a longer memory, this bit will be similar to the NAP (Not A Prospect) bit (series of one) that I trotted out in The Newberg's honor couple years a go, that is to say, a one off. Though I could bring out my 'Prospecting' bit again (in honor of The Newberg, Hindman) to pop the helium balloons for some overhyped prospects (see Kiker, Thompson, Main, Grullon, Blackwell, Gomez, Whittleman, Abreu, Tullis, Murphy).