Monday, February 27, 2012

Evan Grant Watch

Evan Grant is good at his job.

Going into the Spring, he's continued with his quixotic quest to assert that Neftali Feliz is not good enough to start. Last year, his mission was to claim that Ogando and Kirkman were the frontrunners for the 5th roto spot. Feliz wasn't good enough because he was a one pitch pitcher. As a 2 pitch pitcher with zero MiL starts, Ogando was said to be a better bet, as was Kirkman, whose walk rate vs RHH was about 8 per 9.

This year, after Feliz's first BP session, Grant tweets that he looked bad. A few hours later, after the other beat writers posted positive pieces about the session, including positive spin by players and coaches, Grant retracts his tweet, saying, he looked good.

Evan Grant. Man on the job.


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