Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 Minor League Rosters Released


Round Rock Express
Sort of: Eppley's spot might be in jeopardy as Texas needs to open up a spot on the 40 to make room for Robbie Ross and one position player might start out on the DL or be released.

Frisco Roughriders

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Hickory Crawdads

The M&M 2012 System rosters have been updated including projections for the short season clubs.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kevin Sosa

Ben Badler's piece on AL West 2011 j2 spending confirms that VZ RHP Kevin Sosa has inked with the Rangers and that DR SS Crisford Adames recieved a nice bonus at 200k. The j2 worksheet has been updated to account for most of Texas' 2011 j2 spending.

As I noted in my 2011 j2 coverage, Sosa was tied to Texas. He is a smallish righty (~6.0) who was described in some message boards by those who saw him at VZ showcases as raw with inconsistent command/mechanics at 86-87 and by BA with better regard as having "fixable" mechanics with a loose quick arm, high 3/4, good plane, 85-89, and a feel for both secs. I have speculated that his bonus is in the 100-200k range.

I don't believe he is in ST so he is raw enough that he will spend 2012 with the DSL squad.

Also check out Badler's piece on Mazara and the continued skepticism of rival international scouts/officials who think his payday was crazy, asserting that any assumptions about his hit tool were extremely speculative based on Mazara's limited game action. To date, his hit tool seems pretty unrefined with fundamental mechanical issues that must be addressed but I'm willing to withhold judgement until he finishes up his 2012 AZL stint (and thru instructs too). Also see my report on the signing, which echoes many of Badler's key points. Daly comes out looking like a bit of a naif in Badler's article but I suspect (hope) that hese quotes reflect Badler's own tendentiousness.

For my money, I'd rather have Sanchez and Hernandez for that money. Both are much better bets and would have only run you 5.6m. Sanchez is touching mid-90's this spring and Hernandez has elite tools beside his elite power projection, in addition to postion flexibility. But, hey, I don't have 5 million so there's that.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

International Notes

Ben Badler notes that MLB is starting its own league in the Dominican for unsigned prospects. It will compete with the other 3 main leagues plus smaller leagues throughout the island. It might gain some traction by virtue of the MLB imprimatur alone or maybe by allowing unsigned prospects to play from other Latin American countries as well. Jesse Sanchez has further comments from MLB officials (and, indeed, confirms that non-Dominicans will be able to participate).

Rafael DePaula's 4 year visa odyssey is over: He finally gets his visa.

Why Texas didn't make a run at Carlos Martinez (aka Carlos Matias) remains a mystery.

Jeff Wilson has a nice piece on the Jairo Beras situation. He converses with Beras' dad about the issues surrounding his kid's age. The fact that he resides in Richardson means that he was readily accessible to Ranger's officials. If he would have still been in Nicarauga or some other Central American country, speaking with him might have been much more problematic. The more we learn about the situation the more it becomes clear that Texas did its due diligence and seems to have effectively made the case that Beras is indeed 17.

The only issue in the matter that MLB has to adjudicate is when the agent came to that conclusion. If it came before the early February Dominican showcase, then MLB could argue that all teams did not have an equal opportunity to sign him based on the revised information. If the realization came after the showcase then Texas is on much more solid ground. In the end, MLB owns all the cards in the matter. Given the evidence, it seems that misrepresentation of the kids age isn't a critical issue. At best MLB could approve the deal. At worst, one would hope that MLB won't suspend the kid, allowing him instead to sign on July 2nd like all the other eligibles, albeit at a much reduced bonus amount.

I bet Evan Grant wish he had thought of the piece, or any other notable theme, Colby Lewis' degenerative hip for example...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(VZ) j2 News?

The Venezuelan government has implemented regulation that might effect this year's VZ j2 class depending how it is applied (h/t Melissa Segura):

A regulation published last month requires sports teams to give the government details of their contracts with staff and corporate sponsors...The sports law requires government approval of any contract with athletes aged between 16 and 18. America’s Major League Baseball (MLB) clubs routinely sign Venezuelan prospects at 16. Miguel Bermúdez, the director of the National Sports Institute, says the government merely wants to ensure the contracts provide for schooling (which only one of the 30 MLB teams requires) and compensation in case of injury (which none offers). That is reasonable enough. But if the law chokes off the flow of Venezuelans to MLB, the biggest stage for the country’s national game, in the eyes of fans that might undermine the sporting gains under Mr Chávez.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapman, Beras, DPL Elites

Couple of articles, one on Aroldis Champman and the other, PG's game notes on the DPL travel squad in Florida (now in Arizona, scheduled to play in Surprise on Sunday) complete with Beras scuttlebutt (h/t E2D).

Also came across a nice feature on Joe Wieland.

Ming came across an ESPN Deportes update on the Beras signing:

El jueves terminamos de someter a la oficina de Grandes Ligas todos los documentos que avalan la edad e identidad de Beras, incluyendo una prueba de ADN con su padre biológico", dijo Angel Santana, uno de los agentes del jugador.

UPDATE (3/19):
Scott Lucas has some of his very nice annual ST pics up over at his site. Direct link is here.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Kyle Hendricks

Here's a brief interview with 2012 sleeper Kyle Hendricks (ht Spokane). Dartmouth undergrads really take their sequence editing seriously.