Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kevin Sosa

Ben Badler's piece on AL West 2011 j2 spending confirms that VZ RHP Kevin Sosa has inked with the Rangers and that DR SS Crisford Adames recieved a nice bonus at 200k. The j2 worksheet has been updated to account for most of Texas' 2011 j2 spending.

As I noted in my 2011 j2 coverage, Sosa was tied to Texas. He is a smallish righty (~6.0) who was described in some message boards by those who saw him at VZ showcases as raw with inconsistent command/mechanics at 86-87 and by BA with better regard as having "fixable" mechanics with a loose quick arm, high 3/4, good plane, 85-89, and a feel for both secs. I have speculated that his bonus is in the 100-200k range.

I don't believe he is in ST so he is raw enough that he will spend 2012 with the DSL squad.

Also check out Badler's piece on Mazara and the continued skepticism of rival international scouts/officials who think his payday was crazy, asserting that any assumptions about his hit tool were extremely speculative based on Mazara's limited game action. To date, his hit tool seems pretty unrefined with fundamental mechanical issues that must be addressed but I'm willing to withhold judgement until he finishes up his 2012 AZL stint (and thru instructs too). Also see my report on the signing, which echoes many of Badler's key points. Daly comes out looking like a bit of a naif in Badler's article but I suspect (hope) that hese quotes reflect Badler's own tendentiousness.

For my money, I'd rather have Sanchez and Hernandez for that money. Both are much better bets and would have only run you 5.6m. Sanchez is touching mid-90's this spring and Hernandez has elite tools beside his elite power projection, in addition to postion flexibility. But, hey, I don't have 5 million so there's that.

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