Friday, April 27, 2012

Jairo Beras

Badler has his latest musings on the Beras situation. He still seems to be talking out of his ass by spinning the whole affair as nothing more than crass "misrepresentation", what with a team/agent trying to game the system by sneaking a guy in under the wire. In reality, Bradler has nothing new to report except a few more level-headed quotes that would have better served his previous reports on the matter. Misrepresentation could in fact be the most critical issue here, one that ultimately undergirds any ruling. However, Badler has given us no smoking gun here over the last 2 months to be sure so we don't know any more than we did when the news first leaked out. See you in Arizona kid!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Minor Notes

Jairo Beras investigation completed, decision could be imminent per Jesse Sanchez. Sanchez seems to have some of his facts wrong (via twitter: "...Prospects must register with MLB to be eligible to sign. Beras situation unique. He agreed w/TEX before initiative in action..." - when the "initiative" (registration?) was in effect since last year so who knows what he means here. A generous reader might infer "registration does not equal verification.") so I'll link a couple of Badler pieces summing up the situation:


Miggie de los Santos injured yet again as is Ryan Rodebaugh with Chad Bell getting the bump to AA. I thought Bell would begin the year in the AA roto given his nice HighA #s last year. Well, he's there now (hopefully in the roto).


BA: Minor League Run Environments

Matt Eddy had this piece up last Fall characterizing the offensive production of each full season league.
What is the league breakdown for Texas affiliates? The runs per 9 innings break down like this:

Arizona, 5.9
PCL, 5.68
(CAL, 5.66)
Texas, 5.0
SAL, 4.87
Northwest, 4.84
Carolina, 4.35


MLB j2 Preview

MLB's Jesse Sanchez has the first substantial j2 preview today.  The non-Dominican contingent is light, so you'll have to wait for Badler's list in a couple of months for a broader grouping:

Top 20 List


Monday, April 16, 2012

Hersin Martinez signs with Seattle

Per DPL, Hersin Martinez signs with Seattle for 1.1m. Badler's #11 ranked j2 bonus baby (by projected bonus), Seattle was rumored to have signed him last July for a 7-figure deal. Here is what I wrote about that rumored deal last July:

Helsin Martinez, RF, DO: Appears to be negotiating with Seattle, a possible 7 cifra deal. Martinez is an intriguing RF but has very bad hitting mechanics to go with plus power and bat speed; seems like boom/bust type. Given that Seattle seems to be on him for more than 1.5m, I don't think hes' in the budget, and Mazarro might already be that high risk guy for Texas.


Friday, April 13, 2012


Slight RHP Cody Buckel had a nice season in 2010 but not nice enough to dissuade many that he would most likely be some kind of #4.  He seemed small in stature with fringy velo, though first year velo is often depressed due to the vastly increased physical demands of any pitcher's first professional year.  This year we're getting a glimpse of the Buckel who Texas scouts likely viewed as a decent bet to become a mid-roto type of arm.  His velo is better in the second half of his starts, he's stronger, and his secondary pitches have improved.  Here is Buckle after his most recent start (6/2/0/9):

"I was just using good pitch sequences, seeing the reaction time of the hitter, seeing what they're doing in the box," said Buckel. "It was just one of those nights where I was throwing all my pitches for strikes. The changeup was huge. I had the cutter going, the slider going and a curveball going all on top of good fastball command." The 6-foot-1 right-hander credited his workouts with Bauer for his improved ability to throw harder this season later into games."We just worked on my arm strength, mechanical stuff, getting more athletic movements in my motion," he said. "My velocity has spiked up from last year and my arm doesn't feel fatigued around the sixth inning. I'm still up at 92, not dropping down to 89."

Neil Ramirez is on a pitch count to begin the year, presumably to baby his shoulder, which cut short his 2011 AFL stint, and which was also likely the reason he was not stretched out to begin the year, coupled with some mechanical issues that he appeared to be dealing with during his mediocre camp.  His first 2 outings:  66 pitches; 77 pitches.  It likely increases to 85 and 95 during his next 2 starts before his restrictions are loosed.  His velo is still down - as it was during the spring - compared to where he sat during the first half of 2011.  I'm still think there is a better than average likelihood that NeRa ends up in the bullpen due to his durability issues:  he was very inefficient in 2011 and was more than likely to exit in the 4th last year  with 100 pitches than make it into the 6th.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Starting staff of 10

The Hickory Crawdads rotation has 11 pitchers with starting experience.  In their first 4 games, they have paired one starter and one long reliever in an attempt to get everyone innings:

TBD: Lamb/Faulkner

The three relievers proper are Greg Williams, Phil Klein, and Jose Mavare, but even Mavare has some starting experience on his resume.  Despite the depth, only three of those guys have high ceilings - Jackson, Payano, Eickhoff -  while the rest are back roto or bullpen arms over the long term.  Eickhoff is a bit of a wild card while some like Lamb but the likelihood that he emerges as a mid roto starter seems as slim for him as it was for Tim Murphy or Evan Reed.