Friday, April 27, 2012

Jairo Beras

Badler has his latest musings on the Beras situation. He still seems to be talking out of his ass by spinning the whole affair as nothing more than crass "misrepresentation", what with a team/agent trying to game the system by sneaking a guy in under the wire. In reality, Bradler has nothing new to report except a few more level-headed quotes that would have better served his previous reports on the matter. Misrepresentation could in fact be the most critical issue here, one that ultimately undergirds any ruling. However, Badler has given us no smoking gun here over the last 2 months to be sure so we don't know any more than we did when the news first leaked out. See you in Arizona kid!


1 comment:

  1. Rangers win!

    MLB likely won't officially approve the Jairo Beras contract until close to or on July 2nd. By doing so, they prevent other teams from "finding" a guy that is suddenly a year older and eligible under the old rules.

    Otherwise, if the contract was being voided, we'd likely have already heard about it.

    Rangers WIN!!!