Sunday, April 8, 2012

Starting staff of 10

The Hickory Crawdads rotation has 11 pitchers with starting experience.  In their first 4 games, they have paired one starter and one long reliever in an attempt to get everyone innings:

TBD: Lamb/Faulkner

The three relievers proper are Greg Williams, Phil Klein, and Jose Mavare, but even Mavare has some starting experience on his resume.  Despite the depth, only three of those guys have high ceilings - Jackson, Payano, Eickhoff -  while the rest are back roto or bullpen arms over the long term.  Eickhoff is a bit of a wild card while some like Lamb but the likelihood that he emerges as a mid roto starter seems as slim for him as it was for Tim Murphy or Evan Reed.

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